Important Facts About Very Low Calorie Diets

Before beginning any diet, even an intense one, it would be wise to check it out beforehand. Some of these diets are quite effective, however they are not for everybody; it would behoove you to consult your physician. In this piece, we intend on pointing out the helpful and the harmful aspects of intensive weight loss diets.

In obese people who also have a medical condition related to their weight, the very low calorie diet can assist them in losing weight very quickly, which is its main advantage. It’s possible to shed fives pounds per week on this type of diet, which equals twenty over a month. Those with high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes or hypertension can benefit from this greatly, and it can sometimes even be life saving. This type of weight loss is best done with the guidance of a doctor, especially if you’re being treated for a health condition already. Working in conjunction with your doctor is essential for establishing a long term plan to maintain your weight loss.

The Rice Diet was comprised in the 1930s by Walter Kempner, who felt that a food regimen that was largely made up of rice; was a good treatment for such illnesses as hypertension and kidney disease. This particular diet can also help some people shed a few pounds. Rice is not the only food you consume in this food regimen, but you better like it; because it is required with all that you eat. The best news when it comes to the Rice Diet is you can do away with most refined food stuffs; plus is almost void of sugars, fat and salt. On the other hand, this is a fairly extreme diet so that it’s not something most people will want to do forever.

There are serious drawbacks to very low calorie diets when it comes to overall fitness. By severely restricting calories, you’ll be losing muscle mass as well as fat, which can be unhealthy for a variety of reasons. As there will be a lack of calcium and dairy with this diet, osteoporosis is a risk for woman on the diet. The lack of energy is a problem with this diet which means that you might not have enough to work out and keep your muscle mass up. Another risk is anemia in some cases. So, while a very low calorie diet may be appropriate if you’re obese or your excess weight presents a serious health risk, it may not be the best idea for the average person.

For short term weight loss very low calorie diets can be very useful, however their effects in the long term are certainly questionable. Such diets may be suitable for obese people under the supervision of a doctor. For other folks it is crucial that they are cautious about consuming the right amount of nutrients for their body. After all, you want to stay healthy in addition to losing weight.

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