Info About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Entrapment Neuorpathy on the Median Nerve

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Entrapment Neuorpathy of the Median Nerve

If you talk about carpal tunnel syndrome, there are several things to consider about the condition of your wrist and hand. This CTS is also known to be an entrapment median nerve neuropathy which is characterized by changes in the sensorimotor capabilities of the hands and the wrists.

This type of carpal tunnel syndrome involves the area of the hands and wrists which houses the median nerve. The carpal canal or tunnel is a narrow passage which permits nerves, tendons and ligaments to arrive at the hands and palms.

The hand consists of carpal bones and ligaments and in between these structures, the median nerve passes through to innervate the wrists and hands along with fingers. As soon as the tendons are swollen, the median nerve is squeezed or compressed. This might lead to the changes in sensation and movement of the hands and wrists. There will be incidence of numbness, tingling discomfort, pain and reduced muscle of fist and proper grip.

Origin and Prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Essentially, the main cause of this carpal tunnel and median nerve issue is idiopathic there is no recognized cause). There is a notable association between genetics and occupational risks that literally brings an excessive amount of work and tension in the wrist or hand. Recurring hand movements and vibration may cause the median nerve to be irritated (farmers, tailors, painters and office employees etc.).

The most affected parts of the hand when carpal tunnel syndrome occurs would involve the index and thumb fingers. Oftentimes, the symptoms would occur during the night when the wrists are on a flexed position.

Prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome may involve the use of ergonomic office equipments. Wrist splints and pads are helpful too to prevent too much flexion and extension of the wrists. Frequent stretching of the hands can also help.

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