Is Snoring Affecting Your Sleep During Pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant then chances are that you might be one of the 75% of pregnant women who have issues getting enough sleep. Pregnancy is exhausting for all women and getting plenty of sleep is essential for you and also your unborn child. When the baby finally arrives you’ll naturally wish to be in the best of form so you can look after your new baby and have the energy left over to enjoy them.

During pregnancy there may be many things that make getting plenty of sleep a real challenge. These can include frequent journeys to the toilet, cramps, heartburn, anxiety and hormone changes. If your partner is a snorer then this could make getting to sleep more of a challenge.

Not only can your partners snoring be detrimental to you, it may also be an indicator that your companion is suffering from a serious sleep related breathing disorder called obstructive sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea is a condition where the upper airways collapse frequently while asleep. When they collapse the individual stops breathing until the bodies emergency system gets them breathing again. If you hear your other half snoring loudly, and then the snoring stops, and after a short period of silence they start breathing again with a loud gasp or choking sound, this may be an indication of sleep apnoea. Other indicators of sleep apnoea are daytime sleepiness and frequent urination.

Left untreated sleep apnoea significantly increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and obesity. Some studies have even indicated that a person’s lifespan could be shortened by as much as 20 years.

Sleep apnoea can be treated relatively easily. People with moderate and severe sleep apnoea could need to use a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine that’s worn during sleep. The CPAP machine delivers pressurised air via a face mask and keeps the upper airways open. People with mild sleep apnoea, or those with moderate or severe sleep apnoea that cannot put up with the CPAP machine, can use a MAS (mandibular advancement splint) like the Somnowell. The MAA is an oral appliance worn during sleep, it carefully holds the lower jaw in the ‘recovery position’ and maintains an open airway. The MAA is also used for stopping snoring, which is closely related to sleep apnoea.

If you think that you or your other half could have sleep apnoea it is recommended to talk to your GP who can then send you to a sleep specialist.

Loran Simon is a director at Somnowell. The Somnowell is the 1st chrome cobalt alloy anti snore device used in the professional management of snoring and sleep apnoea. The Somnowell is considered by many practitioners to be the Rolls Royce of snoring cures.

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