It simply isn’t worth using ineffective pest control methods

Do you know the dangers that common household pests and insects expose you to? Have you ever thought about not getting a professional pest control technician in to organise your pest control? With the range of pests finding a comfortable habitat in New Zealand homes and the vast amount of threats they impose, it is simply not worth taking the chance.

One common pest you probably have started to ignore, due to their persistence and commonness is the fly. Flies are often attracted to food wastes and excrement, as well a your food sources and food utensils. This makes flies very effective and efficient tools in spreading diseases throughout the household.

Another one of the more common insects we have grown used to in New Zealand are the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are known for their annoying bites during the summer months, but on top of this they also spread disease, such as the Whataroa disease and some arboviral viruses.

Ever seen ants walking around your home? Chances are that you have definitely seen them, and in abundance. But did you know that the proportion of ants you see is probably only 2% of the whole infestation that you have? With this huge number of disease spreading pests in your home, the dangers are high and it is very difficult to effectively remove them.

Cockroaches are seen as one of the more serious pests. They can breed very quickly and inhabit mouldy and damp dwellings. The threats cockroaches can provide is quite wide, including food poisoning, cause allergic reactions in many people (especially children) and can also force asthma attacks with asthmatics.

On top of this list of serious common household pests, rodent are another dangerous element. Going past the long history rodents have of spreading serious diseases, rodents can also be a problem to the quality and integrity of your home building, home wiring, your furniture and your equipment.

This outlines a small amount of the dangers of household pests, for only a small amount of the pests that could find refuge in your home.

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