Lazer Eye Surgery, are you a candidate?

by Andrew Gay

In order to be suitable for lazer eye surgery you will have to meet the following guidelines:

A stable prescription; Ideally you should wait until you eyes are steady for at least 18 months.

Good health is needed to under go any medical procedure.

Your eyes also need to be healthy. Part of you assessment will be to ensure that you do not have any eye conditions such as keratoconus and lazy eye

Your cornea, the clear dome, needs to be thick enough.

Your degree of short sightedness should be less than 10 Diopters

Long sightedness should be less than 6 Diopters, but this varies a little bit depending on the surgeon.

Maximum astigmatism is about -5 D.

If you can pass these first 7 steps then you are on your way to being a suitable candidate.

But what difference does age make?

If you are past the age of 45 then you need to clear about what can be achieved with lazer eye surgery.

There are however, 3 options available to you:

The first option is just to correct your distance vision. After the operation you will wear reading glasses when ever you look at things up close.

Another option is known as mono-vision. What happens is that one eye is made the long distance eye and the other is made the reading eye. This might sound strange, but optometrists sometimes do this with contact lenses. About half the people who try it can adapt successfully. Before opting for a permanent mono-vision correction I would strongly advise you to try it with contact lenses first before the prescription is permanently etched into your eyes.

The third option is an implantable lens that flexes with the muscles of your eye. This is a much more invasive procedure, although it is based on the tried and tested cataract surgical technique.

Do your research and check out the prospective surgeon’s website to see if they do the mono vision procedure.

Lazer eye surgery is a safe and effective for most patients. One thing that is important for a positive outcome is realistic expectations. It is not a magic bullet. Reading glasses may need to be worn if you are over 45. The research shows that most people who have the procedure are pleased with the outcome.

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