Learn About Hair Regrowth Therapy With Bloomington Hair Restoration Company If You Are Experiencing Alopecia

Bloomington MN hair restoration services can help with balding problems. There are a number of reasons why a person begins to go bald. Such an event can be distressing particularly if the person is young. For the majority of people, balding is a normal process which occurs as a person gets older. The loss may be quite mild. The amount of loss is largely predetermined by genetic factors so men whose fathers went bald at a young age are likely to follow the same pattern.

Apart from genetic factors, disorders such as thyroid disease and anemia can cause balding as can chemotherapy, chronic illness, high fever and severe stress. Other issues are hormonal problems, burns and injury. Depending on the cause, alopecia may be reversible. Sometimes it is temporary and no management is required. Nervous behavioral disorders such as rubbing the scalp, and pulling and twisting the hair will damage the strands and cause them to fall out.

There are several options to treat age-related alopecia in men. However, in these cases the condition is not reversible but can only be slowed or halted. Non-surgical management includes medications or lotions. However if these are stopped, the loss will resume.

You will not need a prescription for some of the preparations and tablets. Recovery is slow and it may be six months or more before any noticeable improvement is seen. An alternative to these non-surgical methods is a transplant.

Transplants are now much more natural looking than they once were. Plugs are taken from the back and sides and moved to the top of the scalp. The plugs are very small so the effect is not very noticeable. The back and sides are usually used as the donor sites and regrowth occurs naturally.

The procedure may take several hours and may be repeated after a few months. A sedative is given and local anesthetic is applied to both sites. Pain-killers may be prescribed for a few days. Complications are rare but can include scarring, bleeding, infection and unacceptable results in a cosmetic sense. The latter is more likely to occur when the transplant is carried out by an inexperienced therapist. Bloomington MN hair restoration therapists will be able to help with balding issues.

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