Linkage Exists Between Your Being Prone To Bruising Easily And Hemophilia!

If you have recently noticed that you have been bruising easily and at the slightest provocation, there might be any number of things going through your mind. While easy bruising is often just a natural effect of getting older, it can often be used as a way to diagnose issues that are more severe or as a symptom of a systemic disorder.

If you have lots of friends and family who are concerned about you, you might find that this condition is further aggravated by their well-meaning, but not entirely accurate guesses as to what the problem might be. One condition that often gets brought up with concerns about easy bruising is hemophilia.

In the first place you need to understand that hemophilia is a genetic disease that is present at birth, and it is not a condition that can develop spontaneously. The medical definition for hemophilia really refers to a family of conditions that all relate to problems dealing with blood coagulation or blood clotting.

The most common variety of hemophilia is found by testing to occur in approximately 1 out of 5,000 to 10,000 births, and the second most common variety occurs in 1 in approximately 20,000 to 34,000 births. The chance of being afflicted with this disorder as an adult without it having been diagnosed during your childhood is extremely low, as you can readily see.

When educating yourself about hemophilia, remember that there are different levels that are associated with this disorder. Mild hemophilia is a condition where most sufferers only worry if they are going to be undergoing surgery or extensive dental work. On the other hand, moderate hemophilia refers to a level where bleeding and easy bruising occur. With moderate hemophilia, mild abrasions like scratching an insect bite or even brushing your teeth can become a problem. With severe hemophilia, even mild physical trauma can create extremely serious conditions that need immediate medical treatment.

The reason why bruising easily is often linked to hemophilia is because even a slight contusions can generate an excessive amount of blood flow. Because the blood does not coagulate as easily as it would in someone not suffering from this disease, this means that the bruises that do occur seem to appear from nowhere and are frequently significantly larger and more dramatic than they would otherwise be.

With this being said, it is extremely unlikely that you would start to manifest the symptoms of hemophilia as an adult; and in virtually every case, people are diagnosed with this issue well before they are fully grown. What is much more likely is that you are suffering from easy bruising as caused by other issues. Aging and menopause are both common factors when it comes to developing the tendency for easy bruising.

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