Looking at the Proactive Acne Method

The treatment of acne has taken major strides over the years. For a lot of years we’ve heard myths about what causes acne and how to best treat it. Against popular believe few of these myths ever worked like they were said to and in fact many made the condition worse. The Proactiv skin care system appeared many years ago and was well received by the general population. Keep reading to discover why this product works with it’s multi-step approach to skin care treatment. Depending on your particular acne type your results with Proactiv may vary and there are types that do require medical attention. On the other hand, we’ll share our opinion of Proactive and offer you some insight into the process involved.

It is nearly impossible for us to guarantee you that the Proactiv system will work for you. Your results cannot be predicted by anybody really since everyone is unique and individual in skin type and acne treatments. Most of us have similar skin types but there are no doubt going to be differences. Heredity can play a big role in your acne even though some will debate this. Treating acne and caring for your skin is a three step process with Proactiv Skin Care System. But be sure to use them in a balanced approach and avoid using too much of either one. The bacteria that causes acne is the target of these products which are made to cleanse, exfoliate and attack this bacteria.

We also found the stimulating toner is totally alcohol free. That is an important consideration with all skin care products because alcohol will dry your skin. You can stimulate your skin to produce excess oil simply by making it too dry.

This toner is designed to give you more help in cleaning the dirt from your pores. Ten percent glycolic acid is an extra supplement that acts to exfoliate your skin. New skin is prompted to grow with this ingredient.

The middle component with Proactiv consists of skin exfoliating agents. You should be using something comparable in any skin care treatment regimen. Clear your pores of the substances that cause pore clogging with a proper exfoliating solution in any skin care regimen. The second part clears up pores while cleansing to keep that oily buildup from worsening. Never strip all of the oils from your skin no matter how oily it may get you do want some oil. Avoid confusing your skin into producing even more oil which can happen if you make your skin too dry. That stripping of the oils of the skin can backfire for someone who normally suffers with oily skin. The deep cleansing action of the benzoyl peroxide in the third step actually helps cleanse your skin by the repair lotion found here.

You can find much less expensive acne treatment solutions on the market. However, there are very many people who have achieved satisfactory results using Proactiv. Speaking with your practitioner is the best start if you are thinking about Proactiv. Instead, be patient as you try it and see if you can tell a difference. The acne treatment approach utilizing Proactiv skin care system is only for certain types of acne. Remember a bad case of acne should be looked at by a skin doctor. The results you get from Proactiv will be the best if you have a lighter case of acne to one that is not too acute. To be able to be confident when choosing a product, you can visit Hydroxatone and enjoy searching for a product that meets your needs.

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