Looking Good With A Fake Sun Tan For Everyone

There are many benefits to a fake sun tan. The most important factor for most people are the health advantages. Time in the sun may be fun and enjoyable, but it is crucial to take some simple precautions to stay safe. Using a good sun block is the first step. A hat that covers the face and neck is also a great idea. Doctors are also recommending that people avoid the hottest part of the day, typically between two and four in the afternoon when the UV rays are at their strongest.

Many people are now listening to the publicity surrounding skin cancer. This form of cancer has seen a dramatic increase in the number of cases and can often be deadly. Having a fake sun tan is becoming increasingly popular because it looks great, but does not have any of the health issues associated with a typical tan.

The most important thing to remember is sunblock. This should be applied at least twenty minuets before going out and reapplied after swimming. A wide brimmed hat is also an important accessory and there are plenty of fun and fashionable options to wear. For those who heed the warnings and take care, a fake sun tan is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and still look great.[I:http://www.tweetarticle.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/HaywoodHunter6.jpg]

DHA works in a very simple yet effective way. It is a colorless compound that reacts with the surface skin cells to produce a darkening effect and the perfect fake sun tan. Because it only comes into contact with the surface cells, there is no permanent tanning and no damage to deeper skin cells. In fact, the surface cells naturally slough off and are replaced every thirty to forty days, making this an amazingly safe and effective option.

DHA based products are safe because they only react with the surface skin cells. These cells are naturally replaced every month or so. The fake sun tan typically lasts for about a week before it needs to be reapplied. This is a great advantage as their is no burning of the skin which is a natural side effects of sun exposure.

A salon fake sun tan is applied by a trained technician using an air brush. Only a small amount of tanning solution is needed and this is carefully sprayed onto the skin. A more affordable option that many people use is the tanning booths. They simply step inside and are sprayed with the solution for a fast and inexpensive tan.

Some people like to have a touch up and use the tanning booths. They can step inside and be sprayed with a thin coat of DHA solution to keep their tan in great shape. One of the beauties of fake sun tan treatments is that each person can control the depth of their tan. They can begin with just a light color, and gradually develop a darker tan as the weeks go by. This will give them a very natural look.

A fake sun tan is an excellent alternative to harmful sun exposure. The skin suffers no damage and the tan is very even. It is also much faster than the hours it takes to acquire a real tan. Many people love to apply a fake sun tan product in the middle of winter to lift their spirits.

Sun Laboratories sells tanning products that make your fake sun tan look real. You also will find great deals on products for your airbruash tanning machines when you visit the main site today.

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