Losing Man Breasts – Is Surgery Recommended

by Mark Bowler

Losing man breasts is becoming a more sought after piece of information as more men are struggling to deal with the impact they are having on their lives. One recommendation that they encounter is that of surgery.

Male breasts are usually the result of a condition called Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia causes problems with the way your hormones are balanced and thus causes man boobs. If the condition is a severe one then the only way of eliminating them is with the aid of surgery.

In most cases the surgery will be done without the need for an overnight stay and will be performed under either local or general anesthetic. The surgery itself will take around an hour to an hour and half.

None of the above is guaranteed however as problems can occur that result in a slightly different experience. As in any form of surgery there are risks involved.

Your chances of encountering these risk are low but they do exist so it is good to be aware of this. All the risk involved in the procedure and any other information you should need will be given to you by your doctor.

You should be able to return to work in around 5 days as long as it isn’t anything too physical and there is no heavy lifting involved. It will take up to 3 weeks for you to be back to 100% so try to resume from anything too physical until then.

Long term everything should be normal and there should be no problems at all. The only thing that you should have long term is a small scar from the surgery, but this will be barely visible.

The biggest downside of Gynecomastia surgery apart from the risk involved in the surgery is the huge cost. In the vast majority of cases health insurance won’t cover the cost as it is usually seen as a cosmetic surgery rather than a medical one. Because of this you will be looking at cost of around $4000 all the way up to $10000.

Losing man breasts with the help of surgery is definitely worth considering but in my opinion only if you have tried everything else and they have all failed. Over 90% of cases of man breasts can be eliminated naturally so save your money until you are sure it is the only way.

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