Managing Dog Allergies – Man’s Best Friend

by Dorothy Medlum

Statistics show 60-70% of all American households include at least one dog or cat. That number means that up to 10 % of the population suffers from some sort of allergy due to these animals.

The most common culprit to animal allergies is the cat, but running second is the dog. Because dog allergies are so common, there is plenty of information available to show how to treat and manage an allergic reaction you may have to your pet.

This information may contain segments on how to treat and manage your allergic reactions to your pet. If your reactions are not particularly severe, and you don’t have further complications such as asthma, you may successfully manage your allergic conditions and enjoy days free of symptoms.

Identifying a Dog Allergy

If you suspect that you or your family member may have an allergy to the family pet, the best way to know this for sure is to remove that person from the environment of the animal for at least a week or two.

By removing the animal an effective means is not always established. Because the pet dander can remain in the house up to six months after the animal is removed, this may not be the best test. If not ask your allergist, he can test you by doing an allergy test on you for dog allergies. This will include your family history and blood tests.

Treatment Options

Dog allergies usually come from allergens that are contained within the dander and saliva of the dog. These allergens tend to have the ability to cling to many surfaces. This is the quality that makes it difficult to determine where the allergens are located in the home. Another problem is that pet owners, being attached to their pets, don’t want their pets removed.

First, keep your pet out of your bedroom. Reducing this area of allergens can greatly reduce your symptoms from your dog allergies. Getting rid of carpet might be another method you would be willing to try. Bare floors are easier to mop and keep clean, thus reducing your chances of getting the allergies. A HEPA filter is also an effective way of keeping allergens at bay.

Dog allergies may be a common problem for many people, but they don’t have to make your life miserable. You can enjoy life with some lifestyle changes and treatment options; you can enjoy your pet and have fewer symptoms.

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