Nail Fungus Topical Treatment: How it Works

by Rashel Dan

Getting a nail fungus topical treatment is one of the most common option for people with the condition. There may be many forms of treatment but this is by far the most effective. Before you buy any product though, you have to know a few important facts about topical products for nail fungus.

Nail Problems

Nails are around for a reason. Our fingers and toes need them for protection. Our toes don’t easily get injured or infected because of the nail covering. This does not mean though that nails are forever immune to infections. A small skin cut near the nail or an opening between the nail and nail bed could make you susceptible to infections. Fungal infections in particular could develop.

This is where the problem could get complicated. When fungus does find its way to your nails, it could be difficult to get rid of it. This is because the protective properties of your nails also partially shield the fungi from treatment.

It can even get worse. Nail fungal infection is definitely unsightly. Covering or hiding the condition however may make it even worse. Covering the infected nail with anything from polish to false nails can promote even more moisture retention. This is actually what fungi love the most and what you should therefore be avoiding.

Topical Treatments

How does it help? A good topical treatment is supposed to be able to penetrate the nail surface or go under it to work against fungus. Due to the difficulty of penetration though, you may have to wait for a long time before you can see good results. In some cases, the fungal infection may seem like it is no longer there. In reality though, the spores may just be around, lying dormant. Sometimes when you stop treatment, the condition can return.

Natural or Synthetic – You have the option to use natural or synthetic treatments. Both types of anti-fungal treatment have effective brands. Some individuals however may still choose to go with a natural solution. This may partly be because some are not comfortable with using synthetic chemicals for a prolonged period of time. Others also turn to natural treatments when it is obvious that some chemical solutions don’t work.

What Experts Say – Some experts say that topical treatments can only do so much. Some believe that they are only really useful fro mild to moderate cases of nail fungal infection. If you have a severe condition, you may have to take stronger oral medication. There is however no harm in maintaining a natural topical solution since they do not bring about any side effects.

Regular Application

Patience – One thing is certain. Whether you choose a synthetic or natural topical solution, patience and diligence is required to make treatment a success. You can’t just conclude that a solution is ineffective if you haven’t been suing it correctly or regularly. Both chemical and natural products should be used as consistently and as regularly as indicated in product instructions. This is the only way to ensure that you are giving your product a chance to work.

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