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When you meet someone new, one of the primary things they look at is your smile. If your teeth are stained, broken, or uneven, you might want to consider have a cosmetic dental procedure to improve your physical appearance and your self-esteem. If you live in Georgia, you can choose from a number of exceptional cosmetic dentists throughout the state.

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved quite a lot in the past several years. In this article, you will learn about cosmetic dental procedures that are frequently done in the state of Georgia.

1. One of the most prevalent cosmetic dental treatments both in Georgia and around the nation is tooth whitening. Though there are a number of at-home tooth whitening options on the market today, going to a professional cosmetic dentist will yield the best results.

Regardless of where you live in Georgia, your cosmetic dentist will probably offer two forms of tooth whitening from which you can select. The first option requires the dentist to mix a non-toxic bleach substance and put it in a tray, similar to those used for impressions. You will then keep the tray in your mouth for a specified time period. You will have to return to your dentist multiple times over several weeks or months in order for this type of treatment to be effective. The second tooth whitening option is done with a laser. Though this type of tooth whitening can generally be completed in one or two visits to the dentists, it is far more costly than using bleach.

2. Porcelain veneers are another trendy cosmetic dentistry option throughout Georgia. These extremely thin sheets of porcelain are attached to the face of patients’ natural teeth in order to give them brand new smiles. This is often used for patients who have extreme discoloration that whitening treatments will not reduce. Furthermore, veneers can be utilized for patients who have broken or uneven teeth that they want to appear straight and smooth.

There are a number of other types of cosmetic dentistry procedures available at dental clinics throughout Georgia, but these are two of the most popular. If cosmetic dentistry is something in which you are interested, it is important to note that dental insurance coverage usually can’t be used to pay for these sorts of treatments.

If you reside in Georgia, you can save money on your cosmetic procedures by having them done at dental colleges. The state is home to a number of accredited dental colleges where students are closely supervised by licensed dentists while they perform procedures on patients. You can have many cosmetic treatments completed by students for a fraction of the cost of visiting a cosmetic dentist who has completed his or her education.

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