Photographic Memory

by The Alternate Medic

Believe it or not, people who possess a photographic memory are more common than you might think. Some see it as a blessing others see it as a curse.

A photographic memory is when you can see events in your head as if they were taking place again right in front of you. It is a very apt expression, for it is as if your brain has somehow taken a Pulitzer Prize-winning snapshot with every detail frozen in place. Having a photographic memory has its good points, and its bad points. Let’s now listen to and examine these points from someone who had this kind of memory and then lost it.

My Story

When I was a kid I used to have a photographic memory. I could remember, in in precise detail, Stanza’s in poems , song lyrics, family conversations and the team members and years of all the winners of the NFL Super Bowl. When I was a younger, this photographic memory served me extremely well in school, because I could recall lessons on the test day, I was relied on as a walking encyclopedia.

Ad Then I Grew Up

People around me, rather than being enchanted by my photographic memory, grew to positively hate it. I could remember things they said that they couldn’t for the life of them remember. It got to where no one would talk around me. And my classmates could not stand me, because I knew all of the answers. Sometimes I would purposely flub an answer just to make the rest of the class laugh.

The reason person without a photographic memory resent someone with one is that no one likes to be proven that they are wrong. If you want to hold on to a photographic memory, be very careful who you let know of your ability. Although this is not fair, this is the way the world works.

Unfortunately, I lost my photographic memory practically the day I hit 30. Or was it 29? Maybe it was when I was 28anyway, I lost it and haven’t been able retrieve it. I do miss not having a photographic memory anymore, but, as time passes, I have even gotten over the hurt caused by my classmates and later colleagues. I do often wonder if I had made a conscious effort to develop my photographic memory wither it would still be with me today and how it would have affected my life?

Children are more prone to having a photographic memory than adults, for the simple reason that children don’t have as much to remember. If your child pops up with, “That’s not what you said! You said this,” they are not trying to make fun of you; they are actually trying to be helpful. Having a photographic memory can be hard for a child at times, since it seems they are so different. Be sure you let your child know that you appreciate their ability, but encourage them to keep it a secret as a special gift that they have been given, try not to let it go to your head but rather nurture it and let it develop quietly in the background, I am sure you will be happy you did.

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