Prescription Safety Glasses from Safevision

by Kent Higgins

Many activities in which people participate require them to wear extra-strength eye protection. It is important that, in order to maintain healthy vision, you invest in personal protective equipment. When you are choosing industrial strength prescription safety glasses, a company called Safevision, located in Webster Groves, Missouri, provides OSHA & ANSI Z87-approved prescription safety equipment for the eyes.

SafeVision offers a wide range of prescription safety glasses geared towards many different purposes. It is important also to remember that safety eyewear is not just for use in the workplace. These prescription safety glasses can be used by people in many everyday and recreational situations. Safety eyeglasses can be of use whether it be for riding your bike to work or diving in the Cayman Islands. Safety eyewear can assist in keeping debris out of your eyes if you are on a hunting weekend or taking your motorcycle for a spin down a dusty back road.

There are any number of people in occupations from the military to skiers to industrial workers who have benefited from obtaining a pair of safety glasses from SafeVision. If a prescription pair of eyeglasses is required, there are many RX options to choose from.

Fashionable Prescription Eyewear

If you are seeking that sleek look in your protective eyewear, you will find prescription safety glasses, such as the Flexer product line, that offer adjustable temple tips and provide a combined Rx 3 to -4. The following brands feature Rx 3 to 4 and come in a variety of frame styles and lens colors: Neptune, Integrity 2 and Hercules. If your prescription is in the higher range you should choose a pair of Blackhawk glasses. These fit all head sizes and offer 4 to 7 prescriptions.

Windrams Premium Sports Eyewear

SafeVision prescription lenses provide excellent eye protection for the most active and extreme sports and extracurricular activities. Windrams premium sports eyewear is a fantastic choice for mountain bike excursions, snowy ski trips, adventurous snowboarding and even for settling intense golf rivalries. This brand is also popular among cyclists who are above the amateur competition level. The brand has a selection of stylish frame colors to allow consumers to choose from an array of trendy looks, including platinum, reflex blue, mahogany and metallic black (slate).

Interchangeable lenses are available, depending on the activity you choose. When you select a pair of Windrams, SafeVision will create prescription lenses specifically for you that easily insert into the frame. Some options even feature magnetic lens inserts.

Additional SafeVision Eyewear Selections

Radiation Eye Protection: Technicians working in the x-ray department will certainly wish to ensure the health of their eyes. In addition to safety prescription glasses, SafeVision offers X-Ray Radiation Protective Eyewear with high-quality optical clarity: these come with a convenient 1-year warranty.

Lightweight Wrap Around Frames: The UltraLite Frame by Rec Specs can be purchased through the SafeVision website. These frames offer optimum comfort for those needing low to medium prescriptions from 3 to -4 combined. Higher prescriptions may require the Neon frame.

Shooting Safety Glasses: You can have your eyewear prescription transferred into the Wiley X: Romer II option in the SafeVision product line. These have additional features including a certified safety frame and great sunglass capabilities. It also has the honor of being the official safety eyewear of the United States Navy Seals.

Diving and Scuba Diving: SafeVision can use your original prescription RX to create the best safety eyewear for all of your diving and scuba diving adventures.

It is absolutely clear that, with its extensive range of products, Safevision can provide you with the protective prescription glasses your eyes require for any number of situations.

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