Promising Rewards For Good Grades – Are You Helping Your Child The Right Way?

Promising children rewards for them to work hard to do better in school may be a highly reliable motivational strategy. Yet, as a parent, you should understand that this approach may not at all times work. One reason for this is the fact that low grades have other causes other than children’s failure to exert effort or their lack of interest in studying.

Various factors can affect your child’s school performance. Some of these things come from the environment, particularly the home and the school. According to experts, home and school stressors (divorce of parents, death of loved one, school bullying, etc.) are the common hindrances to learning and better grades in kids.

Although implementing a reward system in the aforementioned cases may rouse your child’s desire to perform better, it cannot completely solve the problem. Your child may work extra hard to get better grades (and earn the reward), but the existence of the stressors can hinder him/her from succeeding in this task. Clearly, for these cases, the best solution is to eliminate the stressors.

Other than stressors from the environment, certain health-related matters may also interfere with your child’s learning and academic performance. For example, loss of hearing in one ear, which is rarely diagnosed right away, makes it tough for children to accomplish tasks which involve a lot of listening. Moreover, this condition causes delay in reading and language development. Suffice it to say, if your kid is deaf in one ear, earning good grades, especially in a regular classroom, can be extremely difficult if not impossible.

Just like in cases involving environmental factors, poor grades due to health problems can’t be resolved with a reward system. The perfect solution for this is to engage the services of experts in the field of medicine and education. If it is a case of one-side hearing loss, it means taking your child to an ENT specialist immediately. This situation may likewise call for the designing of an individualised education plan. This is why, aside from an ENT Singapore doctor, you should also meet with your child’s teacher/s and other special education professionals.

Clearly, there are more effective solutions to turn around your child’s poor school performance besides offering him/her rewards. To determine what solution to employ, all you have to do is to ascertain what is stopping him/her from obtaining good grades.

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