Quick Weight Loss Secrets-How to Lose Over a Pound a Day

by Randi Ledbetter

Can you really lose a pound a day?

Yes, you can lose weight rapidly and safely. The secret for rapid weight loss really lies within boosting your metabolism and burning fat more rapidly than you normally would when you diet.

Why is raising the metabolism important?

When we try to start a diet, the usual method is to drastically restrict our calories. We also crank up the exercise in an attempt to burn even more calories and metabolize fat.

Why won’t the conventional wisdom work over the long haul? The theory seems correct on the surface, but has one fatal flaw: reduced calories and strenuous exercise warn our bodies to drop our basal metabolisms to avoid starvation.

As you can now see, our bodies are genetically programmed to survive an extended period without food by lowering the metabolism.

If your body detects drastically reduced caloric intake it will automatically slow the basal metabolism to conserve it’s fat reserves for survival.

How can you help to keep your metabolism running at a high level? Eat, and eat often to give your body cues that you are not actually starving.

How about exercise, I thought exercise was supposed to help you lose weight? It does. Exercise is an essentail part of any weight loss program or healthy life style. The benefits of regular exercise is well documented. There is a way to get more out of your workouts with a lot less effort though.

Doesn’t exercise boost your metabolism? Yes, it does and builds muscle mass too. You will remember that muscle actually takes more calories to maintain than fat does, so muscle does raise the metabolism.

Most diets will not provide enough protein to maintain lean muscle mass. You see, without adequate dietary protein, your body will simply burn muscle rather than fat.

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