Revealing the Signs of Substance abuse at work

The improper use of alcohol and drugs in the workplace really are a costly error many employees make. Once they do that, they’re risking the whole operation from the company. The consequences of the mistake can mean less productivity and much more accidents at the office which might boost the claims of health insurance.

These unfortunate events can be avoided knowing the signs of drug and alcohol addiction that could be observed while at work. You need to know your co-workers or employees well for the improvement of the company.

The Different Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

People who abuse substances are fantastic at concealing their condition meaning it’s type of difficult to tell which is which. Nevertheless, there are several signs of drug addiction you are able to look out for.

– Regular unexplained absences

– Lack of individual grooming

– Less efficiency at the office

– Indifferent to co-workers

– Improper behaviors such as violent reactions and being too defensive

– Insufficient coordination, exhausted or hyperactive, and senseless talk

How You Can Help

When someone is abusing substances at work, they are able to generate problems that will concern you. It’s important you know the signs of drug and alcohol addiction and just what you must do with this particular type of situation.

Don’t tolerate such actions. If you tolerate this, they’ll think it’s completely fine so they’ll continue what they’re doing. If you lend them money or cover up for them, you’re only encouraging these to abuse drugs and alcohol more.

Don’t be oblivious to what’s really happening. It’s not right that you just ignore them by letting them do stuff that are totally wrong because in the long run, it’ll affect you. If you feel something is wrong with your co-workers, there’s no harm in confirming these to your manager just as long as you’re telling the truth and you’re sure of what you’re saying.

Never feel bad about this. If you feel it’s your fault they might lose their job, don’t feel by doing this. They always knew exactly what the results of abusing substances may bring and they ought to be ready for this. This might you need to be a great way to open up their mind that alcohol and drugs abuse are never good.

Realize that having someone abusing drugs and alcohol at the workplace is bad for business. When it’s not tackled to right away, the problem will just get worse and could cause more serious problems. Look out for the symptoms of drug abuse and prevent stuff that may sabotage your business in the future.

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