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Most of us have seen desiccant packs. However, can we describe their use to other people? Most of the time we get them as part of the packaging material of an item we have purchased and they end up going into the trash. Nevertheless, these little packets can be quite an useful addition to your toolbox.

Simply put, a desiccant is the drying agent. Removing excess humidity from the product packing material associated with products sensitive to moisture, is the primary utilization of desiccant packs. Packaging materials from electronic products are the most typical source of these small self-contained packages with which consumers are most familiar.

Rice is a commonly used “low-tech” alternative many of us may have used. Do you remember the few grains of rice within the saltshaker? The purpose was for that rice to remove excess moisture from the salt.
Other than product product packaging and shipping, are there other uses for these little sachets? Should the consumer be stashing them away inside a drawer or toolbox with regard to later use? Let us look in a few options.

Uses for desiccant packs, commonly called silica carbamide peroxide gel packs:

Remove excess moisture from soaked cell phones or other electronics. With all electronics, remove the battery as soon as possible to avoid as much damage as possible. Through shaking, toweling, and whatever other indicates are possible, remove as much of the visible water as possible. However, do not use heat devices such as a hair dryer as this could do further damage to the electronic device. Cover the device inside a bowl of silica gel packets overnight to get rid of any remaining moisture.
Keep submergible housings on underwater cameras free of water and fog from condensation with the addition of silica gel packets inside the casing combined with the camera.
These desiccant packs will be an additional level of insurance when added to zipper storage bags which contain various electronics or player chargers.
Keep firearms and ammunition free of moisture in high moisture areas. Add desiccant packs to your gun safe to keep rust at bay. Do not forget to alter out the packs regularly to maintain them functioning effectively. These packets will normally be bigger than those found most often in gadgets packaging. Check with your local firearms dealer.
Preserve photographs and documents by placing them in an airtight container with desiccant packs to make sure protection from excess dampness.
There are other desiccant packs besides the silica gel packages. While these are much more familiar to us, other drying agents work as well or better. Kraft has a pack composed of an alumino silicate clay-based compound, which they claim to become more economical than silica gel. This product controls moisture in contained environments in several different industries, including pharmaceuticals and consumer electronics.

When there is a have to control excess moisture, do not forget to consider desiccant packs just as one solution.

If you want to know more information about desiccant packs, go to silica gel desiccants. If you want to know the effects of silica gel ingestion, go to: silica gel ingestion. Hope you like it =)

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