Skin Tag Removal Through Surgery – The Top Four Phases

Surgical skin tag removal has four major stages. We will attempt to look into all four of these stages. We will try to find out what each stage entails. Many people believe that skin tag removal is a form of surgery, albeit minor. Thus, it should be left in the hands of a medical professional. This is the sort of procedure that need not be carried out by a dermatologist: even an ordinary general practitioner of medicine, or even a physician assistant, is often in a position to carry it out. Anyone can do it. In fact, you can remove your skin tags even from home, provided there are no complications.

Now the first stage in the surgical skin tag removal process is the diagnostic stage. This is the stage where the skin formation is examined closely, to figure out whether it is indeed a skin tag or not. This is to avoid any mistakes where a simple skin growth is erroneously dubbed as a skin tag. Thus the person who is thinking of removing the skin tag surgically has to be sure that it is actually a skin tag, before embarking on the surgery. There are times when, just before the surgery has been performed, diagnosis still hasn’t been made. Often, the diagnosis will have been made long before the surgical removal of the skin tag is attempted. This will actually enable the person to come up with a decision on the proper method he should use to remove the skin tag.

The next step we will be dealing with is the pre-operative stage. This stage would involve the preparations made by the clinician once confirmation has been made on the skin tags. This is mostly about applying an anesthetic medication (in cases where the use of such medication is deemed necessary), so as to make the patient numb to the pain. The patient may also be given some medication to combat anxiety, if it emerges that he or she is too anxious. The clinician will also do some disinfection during this stage. Cleaning and disinfection will be done on the exact spot where the surgery will be performed. Of course, the instruments and tools that will be used should also be sterilized and disinfected.

The actual operative stage will then follow the pre-operative stage. This is where the skin tag is actually taken out of the skin. Normally taking under ten minutes, this simple operation – barring complications – will require the use of surgical tools and implements.

The fourth stage in the surgical skin tag removal procedure is the post-operative stage. Post-operative care is a must, regardless of how the procedure was carried out. But how it was carried out will have an impact on how the post-operative care will go. You will find sewing to be necessary if the cuts on the skin are considerably large. If only a small cut was made, the clinician may find it adequate to simply let the small wound heal naturally (with something nonetheless being applied to prevent infection).

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