Starting Therapy Fast for Rotator Cuff Tears Makes a Difference

Rotator cuff tears can be quite painful or just a plain nuisance. Most people do not even know they have one. During autopsies, it was shown that seventy percent of people over the age of 80 had one. And at least 30 percent of those under 70. The older a person becomes the more worn out things become. A person could push, pull, or stretch up too high for example. It can be disabling if not treated at all.

But rotator tears are not just from old age! You can get them at any age.

Rotator cuff injuries may be caused by having a fall or perhaps a vehicular accident. Football players engage in an accident-prone game, thus, ending up, injuring their rotator cuffs. Playing golf, as cool as it seems to be can also cause such tear. Having a rotator cuff teat does not just happen when you have these accidents. In fact, I had a rotator cuff injury when a friend of mine just pulled me abruptly.

If a person can’t hold their arm up over their head, or it hurts in that spot laying down in the bed, hears popping noises, or it feels like something is stuck, stiff, or anything close to this, it could be a rotator cuff tear. Also, a person can have pain all the way down to the elbow. So, do not ignore these signs. In my latest injury the only pain I had was felt when reaching across my body to the other side, or when putting my arm through a shirt sleeve. It wasn’t a horrible pain, but if not taken care of, it would get worse like all rotator cuff injuries.

The best remedy for a tear is to start physical therapy right away. I have found that I can now do the exercises myself without going to a therapist. There is plenty of information available on different therapies that can be used.

The best advice I can give is to seek medical help. Various clinical tests like MRI, Arthrogram or diagnostic arthroscopy can help detect a rotator cuff injury. In the course of the physical exam, the doctor usually checks the shoulder by moving it. The doctor also checks on the range of motion to find out the extent of the injury whether it is pinched, just a minor tear or a complete tear.

The sooner a person has the rotator cuff tear checked out, the sooner there is help to heal as it will take months depending if there has to be surgery. Surgery is for full tears mostly and is rare. A person usually will undergo physical therapy for a while to do exercises and take anti-inflammatory medicines to help with the swelling.

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