Statistics Regarding Finding A Dentist In Sacramento County

If you feel like it’s too hard to find a dentist in Sacramento County, you probably don’t have too much room to complain. A fact sheet released by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research in June 2009 has shined the light on the state of dentistry in California. The findings of their research have shown that it isn’t the easiest to find a dentist in Sacramento, but also that it’s easier than many other counties that have fewer dentists per capita. We will visit various statistics and analyze some of the things they reveal about your ability to find the right Sacramento cosmetic dentist.

First, we will look into a few stats about dentistry and the population of all of California. Second, we will talk about Sacramento County specifically, and what these numbers can help us know about finding a dentist in Sacramento. Third, we will talk about what kinds of dentists Sacramento residents might be searching for.

Dentists are not as available for some parts of California as they are in other parts. Certainly, it would be good if California’s roughly 26,465 active practicing dentists were spread evenly so that each area had access, but that is not the situation. California’s more rural regions tend to have fewer dentists for every 5,000 people, but they also usually do not have any Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas, DHPSAs for short. For instance, there are just 1.4 active dentists for every 5,000 Colusa County residents and the county has no DHPSAs. Meanwhile, Los Angeles County has around 3.3 active dentists for every 5,000 people, but it also has 37 DHPSAs.

Locating a good dentist in Sacramento County is more probable in some areas of the county than in other areas. Sacramento County has three DHPSAs. However, the county and all of the state of California are equal in total number of estimated active dentists at 3.5 for each 5,000 residents. Sacramento County is also equal to California as a whole in the percentage of active dentists who are still in their first five years after licensure (15%). This percentage is smaller than some counties that have many fairly inexperienced dentists such as San Bernardino County (22%). Short of living in one of Sacramento County’s three DHPSAs, you probably have a good shot of having decent access to a good dentist among this county’s roughly 990 active dentists.

Finding the right dentist in Sacramento County may depend on what you want. There are various kinds of dentists. Some focus on family dentistry, others on orthodontics, and still others on cosmetic dentistry. A Sacramento cosmetic dentist could offer you dental implants, teeth whitening services, and other things. Research your dentist before you make a choice.

No matter if you are looking for a Sacramento cosmetic dentist or some other type, you likely will have an easier time getting an appointment with a dentist in Sacramento County than people have in other California counties.

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