Targeting Qualified Leads – How Keywords Will Help You Find Leads

There are a variety of reasons for missing teeth. Birth or congenital defects, an injury, tooth decay, failure of a root canal or gum disease are the the most common. Here is some dental implants information to help you decide if they are something you might be interested in. This procedure is the total replacement of missing teeth with artificial replacements. They can also be used to stop or prevent the deterioration of the jaw bone. The procedure is a form of prosthetic and, at the same time, is also is a type of cosmetic dentistry.

A keyword is a word or phrase that captures the essence of a topic and is what allows Google and other search engines the ability to look for relevant information to display in their results. Google, which has 71% of searches on the web, looks for relevant content to display to end-users. Google wants to make sure that all the results that are displayed are the best possible match to what a user wants so that they will continue to use Google for their searches, which in turn drives advertising revenue.

Expressions Dental discovered that the son needed four teeth extracted, so they set an appointment for the following Monday. However, when Ikporo returned home, he canceled the Monday appointment, and his credit card was charged a $400 cancellation fee.

Ikporo was told that Expressions Dental has a 72-hour cancellation policy. Ikporo had a legitimate argument, however, since the appointment was made with only a 48-hour advance notice, there was no way he could have abided by the 72-hour policy anyway.

If someone types in “Plumber for new dentist Calgary” in the search box, you will probably show up near the top of the results since your website has this information on it. In addition, if someone looks up “Plumber for dentist Calgary”, same thing will apply since you are probably one of a few plumbers that have the right keywords to put your website or blog in the top results.

A recent study, however, showed that, on average, 10% of patients are no-shows. How does a $25 cancellation fee compare to 10% in lost revenue? Do you believe $25 is an adequate cancellation fee?
Some Things to Consider For Your Own Dental Business

There is only minimal pain and swelling after the procedure. Your dentist can prescribe pain medication to control your pain. You probably will only be able to eat soft foods for a few days after the operation.

How much do you charge for a canceled or missed appointment? And how does this compare to your lost revenue from cancellations? How many of your canceled appointments are you able to fill with last minute emergencies?

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