Teeth Whitening And Dental Hygiene

White teeth almost always pertain to two things, one for the person who has them and another for the person who sees them. For the individual who has them, white teeth mean an increased self-esteem. For the person who sees them, on the other hand, white teeth evoke all types of positive impressions–proper hygiene, friendliness, and maybe even attractiveness. Next to the human eyes, the teeth are the most potent communication tool of the human face. A grin goes a long way as much as a pout or frown does, but then again not all smiles are regarded the same way.

This is where a predicament affecting too many people comes to the picture: discolored teeth. Discolored teeth create bad first impressions and therefore tend to drain the confidence out of individuals. People who have discolored teeth tend to fall into social awkwardness and usually get ostracised as well.

Genes and habits are the two causes of discolored teeth. Depending on the nature of the discoloration and the frequency at which persons are exposed to these sources (especially if they are habits), the amount of discoloration also varies. Habits are obviously the most feasible to curb of the two causes. Drinking coffee and soda along with smoking are common contributors to discolored teeth. Not brushing one’s teeth regularly also leads to this, aside from awful-smelling breath.

Regardless of the the reason, individuals could undergo teeth whitening procedures depending on their needs and budget. Teeth whitening procedures may take the form of gel or tray bleaching or else laser bleaching, the most expensive technique available nowadays. While teeth whitening could dramatically augment one’s confidence level and create better first impressions with others, one must still pay a price for it. Aside from its actual costs, teeth whitening could also result in sore teeth and gums after the procedure.

Having completed a treatment also doesn’t promise that whitening effect will last particularly if one does not take proper care of it. Discoloration may result again if a person continues to smoke or drink copious amounts of coffee and soda, for instance. This means that teeth whitening isn’t an end to itself. Instead, it is a way to give individuals a headstart at keeping their dental hygiene in excellent shape, which includes having sufficient discipline to curb bad habits.

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