The Big Questions To Ask Your Orthodontists Before Deciding On Braces

If you are considering braces, you will have questions about the process of aligning your teeth and improving overall jaw function. While you might feel comfortable with your regular dentist, orthodontists are the ones who specialize in designing and implementing braces. They can explain the entire process for you in a free consultation before you start. Ask these five questions before deciding if braces are right for you.

Are there any age restrictions? Since children so often wear braces, it’s common to believe that adults are not suited for braces. In fact, an orthodontist can explain why braces make sense for you. Teeth never stop moving and improper alignment can wreak havoc on your oral health in general. Ask how your specific condition can be improved by braces.

What are the special qualifications orthodontic dentists have that your dentist may not? In the same way that cardiologists specialize in heart conditions (and podiatrists in foot problems), orthodontists treat improperly aligned teeth and jaw issues every day. Your dentist might handle cases like this on occasion, but you are better off with a specialist when you want the best treatment.

Is your specific condition right for invisible braces? “Invisible” braces are attractive for adults because they don’t affect your image in the slightest way. However, not every person is right for them. Some conditions demand metal brackets for an ideal solution. Ask your orthodontist what the options are besides metal. If you cannot use the Invisalign method, you still have choices.

Will dental plans cover the costs of braces? Paying for braces is a concern to address, as dental health plans don’t usually cover the full cost. Talk with the orthodontist’s staff about payment plans, insurance allowances and other issues involved with coverage. You typically need to go back to your orthodontist a full year after braces come off, so make sure you have the resources to do it right.

Are braces a good idea when moving to another area? Orthodontists recommend staying with one specialist throughout the process of aligning your teeth. If you are about to move to a different area, ask whether they’d recommend waiting so you can have one person handle your braces from start to finish. Though you’ll want to get the process moving, it’s sometimes better to wait.

Getting braces is the only solution for major issues in teeth alignment and spacing. Ask orthodontists these five questions during a consultation so you know exactly what’s ahead for your teeth.

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