The Carrera 7548 Eyewear Range

Take a look at the Carrera 7548. In this review, we will take a closer look at the design, function and wear ability of the 7548 model.

Carrera is an internationally recognised brand that is known for its dynamic and racy designs.

You can see that the Carrera 7548 has the same sport-inspired appeal as their sunglasses range. This model is from the male collection which is clear to see.

The rectangle frame shape is always a big hit with the male audience because it works well on most face shapes.

Even though the rectangle has sharp, straight lines it looks more flattering to wear than a square frame. The supra (semi-rimless) setting is also another appealing factor.

Metal frames are usually very thin to touch however this doesn’t deter from the fact that these frames are stronger and more durable compared to plastic frames. These frames are lightweight and do not corrode.

If you suffer from nickel allergies then the 7548 would be a great choice for you as the metal material used is non-allergenic. Adjustable nose pads is a great feature for everyone; whether you have a high or low nose bridge.

To make the nose pads fit you, they need to be adjusted. Once adjusted, your glasses should then sit perfectly on your face without falling or slipping off. See your local opticians to have your nose pad hinges adjusted professionally.

For the best clarity and visual acuity in your Carrera 7548 frames, you will need to have a 1.6 lens index or higher. The 1.6 lens is thinner and lighter than standard lenses and is the basic recommendation for any semi-rimless frame.

If you wear glasses every day; an anti-scratch/anti-glare coating is strongly recommended as the basic protection for your lenses. The coating gives you the best protection against glare, giving you clarity and the best visual acuity that you need from your lenses.

Handy tip: Scratch-resistant coatings will not protect your lenses from much else apart from minor surface scratches. This coating should only be recommended for reading and computer glasses or those with occasional use.

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