The Growing Demand For A Bed Bug Dog

The Growing Demand for a Bed Bug Dog is due to the global spread of the bloodsucking pest. A dog’s keen sense of smell, along with special training contribute to their high success rate for accurately finding the pest in bedding, furniture, floors, and walls. Business and home owners are happy with the results, the dog trainers and handlers are able to pursue a lucrative and rewarding career, and the dogs are happy with the love they receive for doing their job well.

The blood sucking parasites, bed bugs, are almost impossible to see with the human eye. While the insect is in egg and nymph form they are smaller than a sesame seed and as an adult they are less than a quarter of an in size. The accuracy rate of humans spotting them is about thirty percent, while a trained bed bug dog has a ninety-seven percent accuracy rate.

Another contrast between humans searching for an infestation versus canines is that a dog can smell the live presence of the insects within minutes. A human may need hours to take apart furniture and bedding, and removing floor boards in order to find the culprits. Using the specially trained dogs takes less time, less work, and cost less to hire.

Before a dog and their handler can provide their services for hire, they must first complete a specialized training. A required eight hundred to one thousand hours are required at a facility where rooms are set up to resemble a motel, hotel, school, or business. They are furnished and the insects are hidden. The dogs are trained to recognize the specific scent of the parasites and how to let their human team member know when they have found the pests.

In order to complete the certification a handler and the dog, as a team, are required to pass a testing process. The National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association, NESDCA, is responsible for setting the standards and for certification. The same handler and dog must work together in order for the certificate to be valid when in use.

Part of the testing takes place at residential sites, office buildings, hotels, schools, and warehouses. The bugs hidden on the premises are not visible to the team being tested. Scent distractors are placed on the site but not in the same room as the bed bugs. The team is given twenty minutes to search the entire building. The dog must point with its nose or paw at the location of bed bugs.

The Growing Demand for a Bed Bug Dog is understandable when needing to locate the insects. The dogs take little time searching dwellings. Most importantly, they are very accurate.

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