The Healthiest Dog Food

by Jolie Mitchel

Everyone wants the best for their pet. In addition to giving them adequate execise and medical care, it is important to be sure they are fed good foods to insure a long life. We take for granted that commercial pet foods are the best for our dogs. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily true.

Pet food producers are profit driven. They are not held to the same requirements that consumer foods are. Instead, they have less stringent rules. These regulations allow for items that we may not think are very appetizing. Honestly, most people wouldn’t ever consider feeding these ingredients to their dogs. If this concerns you and you’d like to change this, here are some ideas on how to make sure your pet’s nutritional demands are met.

Lots of people have started making dog food at home. Although it is more time consuming, the benefits to your pet outweigh the investment. If you are careful when you shop, then the total will be equal to what you spend on mass produced pet food. There are some considerations to take into account when providing your pet homemade food.

A vegetarian diet is ok for dogs. Most people believe dogs require meat in order to stay healthy, but this not actually true. Properly chosen and prepared vegetables will provide your dog all that it needs to prosper. Home made food can sometimes prolong your pet’s life. If a human eats fast food everyday, they will not be healthy even if their stomach is full. This senitment also applies to your dog. Homemade food is definitely more healthy.

Certain foods are bad for your dog to consume. You’ll need to take care that you do not provide them alcoholic beverages, milk or milk-based products, chocolate, macadamia nuts, grapes, or raisins. With only a small list of restricted foods, it is easy to see the wide range of items you can use to prepare homemade foods for your pet. Alway be sure to remember which foods are off limits.

Proper care of your pet is ongoing project as you want to insure omptimum health and life expectancy. Homemade pet food can help your dog live a longer healthier life and they will definitely appreciate the nutritious and better tasting meals.

Knowing that you can give your dog homemade dog food can put you in a financial setback as far as food prices are concerned, but in reality, who can say that they don’t feed their dog human food scraps or care to?

So in the long run although a dog is generally catogorized as having a different diet requirement, it is perfectly fine to have homemade dog food as their body digests the same way that humans do and their is no scientific proof otherwise.

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