The Lord Of All Ageless Creams

by Jen Hopkins

The urge to be young, or at least to look young, is so strong that most of us will happily take home an armful of whatever is currently touted as the best wrinkle cream. But what if we decide to approach the subject scientifically?

The average elder may find his or herself inquiring in an investigation, \”what may I consider to be an effective elixir for my curse of wrinkles?! Certainly there is a cream among these falsities which should rule over the lines on my face!\”

Of course, the multitude of choices should be named the culprit. Those ghostly manufacturers seek new ways to trick the crowds, they do, and they succeed only in testing the patience of the elders. The Wise Ones know in their hearts that the only elixir which erases age is the Vitamin A cream, Retinol

However, we also know that the official stamp of approval is slow in coming. In the meantime, we would not want to miss out on all the potential goodness contained in the multitude of wrinkle cream jars that almost daily hit the market!

But we cannot declare all anti-age creams on the market today useless, because the fact is that with each application of the different types of cream, wrinkles and lines disappear, making it nearly impossible to give age-diminishing credit to any one brand.

In fact, there are several ingredients which can help reduce the signs of age. Aside from Vitamin A, creams with AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids), antioxidants based on derivatives of vitamins A, C, and E, coenzyme Q10, collagen or copper have been studied and proven in some way effective for fighting age. Some even claim that orchid extracts have some effect on age lines. But despite the hopes of many older people, it isn’t possible to put all of the ingredients together into one truly effective anti-age cream.

All in all, the wisest move for an ordinary elder to make is to alternate magical elixirs with certain ingredients to remove the traces of age. If such action was taken, through the powers of time a dedicated elder might find a noticeable change. Peer aid on choosing ageless creams could be helpful, but isn’t always so due to the difference in skin types. Rather than seeking council from a loyal friend, a great elder should pay close mind to his or her own skin.

There may not be a perfect solution to the problem of ever-increasing age, but with time and varying trials the chances are greater. It’s best for one to make an educated choice and keep with the same choice for at least three months. Some researchers say that the main reason why the medicines don’t show any changes is because the people who apply it give up too easily.

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