The Microsoft tools to protect against nasty attacks

With a snazzy tool from Microsoft Windows users to protect their computers against attacks comprehensive. EMET 5.0 Tech Preview is free to download. But professionals should also look at another, more recently available new Web tool: MyBulletins.

In addition to Windows Defender or other anti-virus software is also recommended for private Windows users to use an additional security tools that Microsoft offers free to download. Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) is recently in a new pre-release version for download, which is already very mature. EMET5.0 Technical Preview 3 is available after a simple registration through Microsoft Connect and only 10 MB in size.

EMET enabled once installed – here you should select the default settings – some additional protection mechanisms on the Windows machine that will prevent an attacker can exploit a previously unknown vulnerability in an application successfully. These are protection technologies such as Data Execution Prevention (short: DEP) and Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) is activated in applications that do not yet use the developers of these applications themselves to protect their software.

If EMET an attack notice and ward, the tool appears on the screen a warning. The failed attack can then be reported by further mouse click to Microsoft. The information is analyzed from Microsoft security experts and the results are incorporated into the development of new security updates. Learn more about EMET and how it works, see this article.

In EMET 5.0 Technical Preview 3, the developers have reworked the surface of the tool, among others, and the built-in protection technologies even further refined. Also, the scope of supported applications has been extended considerably.

MyBulletins: For professionals and Admins:

Rather, professionals, and administrators is directed the recently activated from Microsoft web security tool MyBulletins . After registering via Microsoft account user can specify the applications you Microsoft applications here. MyBulletins then gives an overview (dashboard) to only the security bulletins that are actually relevant to the user.

The survey also leads to further information about the vulnerabilities described in the bulletin. In addition, the list can also be taken, how dangerous the gaps have been classified and if after installing the updates restart the respective systems is necessary. By linking with the Microsoft account to MyBulletins remembers the settings and displays the next call immediately the My Security Bulletins dashboard.

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