The Vital Points On Abdominal Pain Relief

Stomach pain or abdominal pains are painful, and some people may find it hard to consume food. Studies have shown that these suffering may occur due to a certain illness or other factors. Statistics have also shown that women are at high risk of experiencing these pains especially during their menses. Below are some of the leading causes of stomach pain and abdominal pain relief solutions.

Studies have linked stomach aches with different causes, and this may vary from one individual to another. The most important thing to do when you experience such pains is to identify the cause of your stomach pain before taking the necessary action. Though some of these causes can be successfully remedied by avoiding some lifestyle practices, in other scenarios when the pain persists, you may be required to seek medical attention. Just take a look at some of the causes of your stomach pains and how to remedy them.

Indigestion is known to cause bloating and stomach gas. When you have excessive gas in the stomach, chances are you may feel tightness around the stomach wall and a knotted sensation in your abdomen. Some people experience bloating after consuming foods like broccoli, cabbages, and legumes. Taking high caffeinated and carbonated drinks can also trigger stomach cramps. Taking a lot of warm water and reducing your consumption of fizzy drinks as well as high-fat foods can help reduce your chances of experiencing stomach pains.

If you experience stomach pain after consuming these foods, then it is high time you lower their consumption and replace them with fiber rich foods. Taking fruits, whole grains, veggies are known to relieve stomach pains. Limiting saturated fats is also another effective remedy for reducing pain.

Lactose intolerance is known to cause stomach pain in some individuals. Lactose is sugar naturally found in dairy products such as milk, cheese, and ice cream. Studies have shown that one out of every four women has difficulty digesting lactose. If you experience stomach pains after taking dairy products, then it is high time you reduced your consumption.

Ginger is another home remedy which can help you reduce stomach pains caused by ingestion. Apart from the health benefits ginger give to the body it is known as an excellent aid for digestion. Consuming ginger water may not have a pleasant taste and can induce vomiting.

Consuming fruits in large amounts is known to cause stomach pains. While some people may not experience pain even after consuming a lot of fruits some people report stomach discomfort. Studies have shown that individuals who have fructose intolerance have high chances of experiencing suffering after consuming fruits. A good example of these fruits which are high in fructose is apples and bananas. Fruits are healthy and supplement the body with essential vitamins but disseminating your fruit servings can help reduce these effects.

Excessive weight gain is also linked with stomach upsets. Weight gain can cause gallstones. Gallstones are solid deposits of calcium salts or cholesterol which are known to trigger abdominal pains, especially on the upper side. Statistics have shown that 20% of American women aged 60 years have gallstones. The same studies further have shown that women between 20 to 60 years are three times likely to develop this complication. Maintaining your body weight can help reduce chances of developing gallstones thus reducing abdominal pains.

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