There Must Be 50 Ways to Get receding gum

by Sandra

There shouldn’t be much left to find out about receding gum since it is a very common oral health problem. However the symptom of receding gum can relate to so many different causes from a nutrition deficiency to serious cancer that it can lead medical professionals on a merry chase to find the true reason for the bleeding.

A key factor to examine when you have receding gum is the intensity of the bleeding and the duration. The majority of bleeding cases are usually very mild and last at most a few days. The bleeding may return frequently, but will remain light and short in duration. The gums will usually only bleed when they are agitated such as by a toothbrush or floss. If the gums start bleeding spontaneously, it may be prudent to consult your doctor.

Periodontitis is the older cousin to gingivitis and much more destructive. receding gum are just the start for periodontitis but the frequency and volume of blood is much greater than gingivitis. The advanced disease will destroy the gums, teeth and even the jaw bones attached to the teeth if not treated fairly quickly.

Receding gum can be caused by deficiencies in different vitamins and minerals in the body. A very low amount of vitamin C can lead to gum bleeding by encouraging bacteria and virus infections to grow. Vitamin C is usually a deterrent to infections and disease and low levels give more opportunities to the microorganisms to cause mayhem.

One of the serious diseases that can cause lots of receding gum is diabetes. The elevated sugar levels in diabetes patients are bad for tissues and organs in the body. Eventually the imbalances will irritate and inflame organs and tissue areas such as the gums. If left without treatment the condition can result in tooth loss, jaw degradation and receding gums.

Nutrition is another possibly major problem that can manifest with receding gum. Most people know that vitamin C is very important to our bodies and our health, but are hard pressed to say why. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties that keep tissues healthy and fight infections. Dramatically low levels of vitamin C can often lead to gums that are not healthy and bleed.

Leukemia is a major form of blood related cancer and often causes excessively receding gum. The cancer affects the white blood cells and chemistry to a point that infections can develop more easily and blood doesn’t clot as well. The gums are one of the most sensitive areas for bleeding and often can show early indicators of possible leukemia. The bleeding will be of long duration and nearly continuous. Anytime the gum bleeding is sustained a doctor should be consulted.

Periodontitis is an advanced and dangerous form of gum disease that causes significant receding gum. It usually starts as gingivitis but changes and actually starts destroying the gums and teeth including the bone structures around them. It can be treated successfully in most cases, but must be caught before too much tissue is destroyed.

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