This Advice Can Help Show You How To Totally Avoid Bruising Easily!

A people grow older, they tend to be more prone to bruising than they were in younger years. As your body ages, there is less protection beneath the skin than there was in earlier years. While most bruises offer no serious health challenges and do not require special treatment, there are ways to prevent easy bruising and ways to help a bruise that does occur to heal quicker.

Protective clothing can help to reduce bruising. If there are areas where you bruise yourself often, wear clothing over those areas. The padding may help to prevent bruises. Long sleeves and long pants protect legs and arms. Long sweaters that cover the hips offer protection to these areas. Shoes protect the feet and toes. If you have problems with bruises on the thighs or forearms, check with a local pharmacy about protective pads for these areas.

Sometimes it only takes a increase in your vitamin K intake to increase the clotting that will help you stop bruising easily. You can get vitamin K from leafy greens and the members of the cabbage family. For some people vitamin K supplements will help, however if you are taking blood thinners, talk with your doctor before taking these supplements.

To help with the healing of an existing bruise, use fresh parsley leaves that have been crushed and spread over the bruise. The parsley leaves will promote healing and help to get rid of the visible marks of the bruise. They can be held in place using gauze and tape or an adhesive bandage.

If you are on a daily aspirin regimen, be sure that you are taking the 81 mg aspirin and not the regular strength 325 mg adult dose. Daily aspirin of the adult dose will thin the blood too much and cause blood leakage through the capillaries. These leaks will cause bruising at the sites of the leakage.

Taking a multivitamin may help if you are not getting enough vitamin C in your diet. A good quality multivitamin will ensure that you get enough vitamin C as well as the other nutrients that you need for a healthy body.

One recommended way of controlling bruising is to use a method remembered with the acronym RICE. The injured area needs to be allowed to REST. This gives it a chance for healing. ICE is useful in that it constricts blood vessels around your injury so that bleeding under the skin can be diminished. COMPRESSION along with ELEVATION helps to get the blood to drain from the injured area.

Finally, try to eat citrus fruit every day. While you can get some vitamin C from a multivitamin, citrus fruit can also help to strengthen the walls of the capillaries. As the capillaries become stronger, they are less likely to leak, and there is less bruising. Vitamin C is also instrumental in healing in the body. A daily dose of citrus fruit can help to prevent bruising and help heal existing bruises.

While most bruises may not be harmful, they can be both painful and ugly. Follow the steps outlined here to help stop bruising easily and heal the bruises that do occur. You should also consider the additional step of following the all natural Bruises Be Banned daily supplement program to help stop bruising easily completely, just like people all over the world have done with great success.

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