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Eczema is very common in infants and babies. Atopic eczema is most common in babies and appears between the ages of two months and 18 months. It usually starts with a intensely itchy rash on the face, and in the inner creases of the elbows, and behind the knees. The skin often scales in these parts, and small red pimples may appear. When the baby scratches,the pimples begin to ooze and join to form large weeping areas. Infections occur in the nappy area because of the high level of dampness.

– How To Treat Baby Eczema

Eczema in babies can sometimes be caused by environmental changes, like low humidity. If you have uncomfortable clothing made from materials like scratchy wool this will also irritate your baby. Allergic reactions from perfumes, in soap hygiene products, and some foods may also cause the skin condition. So, what is the best way to help your baby avoid getting eczema?

– Here are some of the most effective ways:

1/ Make sure your baby’s skin is properly moisturized.

It is important to use moderately warm water when bathing your baby, because it helps avoid dryness. When you have finished only apply fragrance-free moisturizers as this will help keep your bab’y skin soft and supple.

2/ Do not “over clean” your baby.

Over washing your baby can be as damaging as not doing enough in the first place. clean your baby’s feet, hands, and genitals, with water, then rinse the rest of the body.

3/ Make sure your baby wears clothing made out of cotton.

Cotton is considered one of the most comfortable kinds of clothing available. Ensure that you choose loose clothes made of cotton for your baby instead of tight, itchy, and uncomfortable materials.

4/ Try to always feed your baby nutritious foods which have been made fresh. One of the common factors of eczema is malnutrition. When a baby is unhealthy it will be unable to fight the eczema bacteria. Stay away from giving your baby artificial foods.

5/ Try to keep your baby stress-free.

Babies get stressed when they are in uncomfortable situations, or anxious and irritated.

6/ Never apply any ointment, or solution to your baby unless it has been prescribed by a medical specialist.

This condition often clears of its own accord as the child grows older,although it may come and go for several years. Most children outgrow atopic ezema by puberty

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