Top injuries for active kids

In recent years there has been a push to help young people become more active. Child hood obesity in the United States is reaching an epidemic level, and health care costs are on the rise. Living a healthy lifestyle will help eliminate some of the most problematic health issues children face, but being active is not without dangers. There are many common sports injuries that even the most physically fit child is at risk for.

Bone and muscle injuries are the most common among young active people. These can occur because of a sudden collision or acute injury, or because of long time use or improper use. Broken bones and bruises are thought by many to just be a part of an active life style, but parents should always seek treatment for their children to avoid any long term damage. Another category of commonly reported sports injuries include those related to over exhaustion due to heat or extended hours of play.

Three solutions to protect your children from sports injuries

Games have rules for a reason. Rules are not there just to make the game fair, they also serve to keep the players safe. As the parent of an active child, you should educate yourself about the rules of the game your child is playing. If your child is constantly being penalized for breaking rules during the game you should talk to them about the dangerous situation they are creating for themselves and others. If you notice other players breaking rules without be reprimanded by their coach that may not be a team you want your child to play one. Also, remember that rules about safety equipment are just important as other game rules. Never allow your child to play any sport without the proper attire.

Weight, height, and skill level, are much more reasonable factors for creating a team than age or academic grade. Especially in elementary and middle school, kids are developing at different levels. If your child is smaller than many of their class mates they could easily become injured during normal play. Also a child who is less experienced may not be able to keep up on a highly competitive team and this can result in overuse injuries or exhaustion.

Children’s bodies are still developing so it is very important to give them all of the tools they need to help them grow properly. Water, healthy foods, and rest are just as important as physical activities. Never send your child off to a game without feeding them a healthy snack first and if water is not provided at the games make sure you send hydrating liquids with your child. Prevent over exertion by keeping two or three days a week for rest and help your child learn when their body needs a break from strenuous activities. is the leading East Coast orthopedic practice. For patients suffering from sports injuries, be sure to check out this section of our website.

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