Treatment for Pinched Nerve and Addressing the Cause

Many doctors use the term pinched nerve, such as a pinched nerve in back, as a way to explain a certain kind of diagnosis to a patient so that the terms of the diagnosis is way more easily understood. But it is very difficult to pinch a nerve. Therefore it is critical to be familiar with the treatment for pinched nerve as well as the pinched nerve cause.

The most accurate way to explain the diagnosis is that the nerve is irritated or inflamed. Thanks to the profound sensitivity of our nerves, this irritation can be very distressing and even radiate to another bit of the body. But the widely accepted correct way to treat an inflamed nerve is to determine what has worsened the nerve itself.

These pinched nerve symptoms can be caused by the boney tissue such as the vertebra and vertebral joints or soft tissue, the vertebral discs, muscles, or ligaments. Since the symptoms can be attributed to a number of different parts of the joints, it is vital to seek correct treatment for the issue. Simply taking a medication will not address the difficulty.

A prescription will only mask the symptoms until a later date when the nerve becomes irritated again. It is crucial to address the pinched nerve with a chiropractor as soon as possible to find the underlying cause of the issue. By determining the source of problem, the pinched nerve can be corrected to avoid further injury and possibly more intrusive treatments like surgery or steroidal injections.

Here at Village Chiropractic, we treat pinched nerve type symptoms by correctly diagnosing the problem and its cause. Then we correct the cause with a treatment protocol aimed directly toward the backbone and/or the soft tissue around it. Come and see us for safe, non-invasive treatment for pinched nerve today!

Dr. Andy Thomas is a chiropractor in The Woodlands, Texas at Village Chiropractic. His article regarding pinched nerves allows for correct information for the treatment for pinched nerve, and the pinched nerve cause.

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