Understanding And Choosing Dog Food.

by Jolie Mitchel

In order to be certain that you are feeding your pet high quality dog food, (especially if you feeding him/her a commercial brand), you need to inspect the package label. An excellent guideline to follow through on is to be sure the very first ingredient is a form of protein; chicken, beef, and lamb are excellent forms of protein. To sum it up, the food should contain 50%meat, 40% vegetables, and just about 10% grain.

Beware of the preservatives that go into many of the commercial dog-food products which might be dangerous to your pet, even causing death if eaten indiscriminately. A good vet or reliable canine health website would be a good resource to double-check the ingredients listed.

There are quite a few mainstream pet food stores that sell high quality dog food. All you need to do is go to one of these stores and anyone would be happy to help you with anything you may need. You can always ask as many questions as you like. Most of them are more than happy to help. You may even find yourself asking about the many types of wellness dog food on the market today. Which would be another incredible way to ensure your best friend will be happy and healthy.

Perhaps you are one of those who like to cook their own food and come up with your own version of gourmet dog food. It is indeed an excellent idea to put the meat, vegetables and grain together on your own stove and there are enough dog food recipes available on the internet for added inspiration. But remember, these ingredients have to remain in the same meat-vegetable-grain ratio of 50-40-10 as the readymade dog food products. The meat needs to be cooked thoroughly, as also the rice, oatmeal and grains.

Putting your dog on a vegetarian diet according to most experts, it is ok, but always remember that dogs are carnivores and become healthiest with meat in their diet. There might be a risk as well, for your dog to become a finicky eater once he becomes bored of the vegetarian food you have been feeding him.

Matching dog to dog food also means watching out for a host of dog allergies. Some symptoms are itchy skin, repeated ear infections, hair loss, frequent bowel movements and constant itching. WIth any diet changes, it is good to watch out for any of these signs cropping up in the dog.

After fixing the ration of nutrition in the dog’s diet, it is time to experiment. A dog’s food should not be seasoned but variety is always possible. There are some foods that should be completely avoided in the interest of the dog’s health, like garlic, avocados, grapes, mushrooms, raisins and chocolate.

It is a matter of trial and error to land upon the right dog food but with a few guidelines in mind the dog will surely benefit. Some points should be mandatory – checking out the ingredients on packaged dog food and paying attention to the quality of the dog food cooked at home. A happy and healthy dog would give its owners the least worry and the greatest joy. And it all begins with finding the right dog food!

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