Understanding Anti Wrinkle Creams

by Julie Samtsonn

Okay, so we’re all getting older, right? Yes, right, but even though this is true, we can still look our best.

These days, we don’t have to suffer from the dry skin our grandmothers had to put up with. Instead, the market contains many anti-wrinkle creams that can help us have smooth, supple skin well into what used to be called “old age.”

Before we talk about what makes for an effective anti-wrinkle cream, let’s talk for a minute about what causes those wrinkles. As we get older, many factors contribute to the sagging skin, wrinkles, age spots and uneven tone we begin to experience. Among those factors may be poor diet, cigarette smoking, years of exposure to the sun, and simple genetics. Collagen begins to break down, skin cell turnover slows, and accumulation of something called “free radicals” begins to damage even new cells as they grow, all of which contribute to signs of aging.

Wrinkles will be present as we age, no matter what we do but an effective anti-wrinkle cream can help to slow down and sometimes reverse the effects of skin aging. Of course you will have to consider your lifestyle as well. Try to eat properly, hydrate yourself and take proper exercise. Try to get enough sleep and avid smoking and heavy drinking. All of these factors will affect your skin’s health.

There is a glut of anti-wrinkle creams and anti-aging potions on the market but it is good to know that the best ones will have ingredients like the following in them:

Retinol is an effective substance found in anti-wrinkle creams. It is an antitoxidant and a by-product of vitamin A. It helps to increase skin cell generation and eliminate free radicals. A 20 year old skin will be replaced in about 28 days but a 40 year old skin can take up to 42 days and more to be replaced. This means that as we get older this process of skin replacement needs to go at a faster rate. Retinol dissolves the old outer skin and allows the new skin to emerge.

Acids like Alpha hydroxy acids and poly hydroxy acids are natural acids from fruits. They remove your skin’s outer layer and are called exfoliates. This will allow the new facial skin to emerge. These acids give minor injury to the face, which will also encourage new skin growth. Because of these actions your skin will become very sensitive, especially to sunlight. It is important to remember to use sunscreen when exposing your face to the sun’s rays.

Another effective antitoxin is Coenzyme Q 10; it is known to be one of the strongest on the market. this antitoxin neutralizes free radicals. These toxins damage new skin growth and contribute to skin aging. New growth of collagen is presumed to be stimulated by this substance.

Kinetin is another new ingredient that is still being studied. It seems to help skin retain moisture and encourages collagen growth.

A point to remember is that price is not an indication of how well an anti-wrinkle cream performs. The best policy is to do your own research. You can do this by checking out reviews and testimonials of the product. This will help you to get a more balanced view of the anti-wrinkle cream. By this means you can save money and get a good product.

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