Veterinarian Job Description

Veterinarian medicine is a well-known profession however, some people are not really aware of the tasks and responsibilities of a veterinarian. A veterinarian is well trained doctor for animals. Veterinarians are extremely knowledgeable about animal health care. They can treat and care for a wide variety of animals; from companion animals like dogs and cats to the aquatic animals like fishes. They also care for production animals like pigs, cattle and poultry. Indeed, veterinarians can work well with a wide range of animals, even wild and zoo animals.

But what do veterinarians really do? The veterinarian’s main objective is to maintain the good health of an animal. This can be done by proper diagnosis of diseases and giving appropriate treatment. Also, veterinarians offer preventive recommendations to help prevent the development of diseases in animals or at least to prevent it from getting worst.

Diagnosis can be done using different tools and examinations. Observation of the animal and interviewing the owner of the animals about the symptoms are among the effective tools to detect the animal’s health problem. However, diagnostic tests are also required especially for serious or complex cases. There are conditions where x-rays are required or CT scans and blood tests prove necessary. Veterinarians perform all these tasks which are very much similar to the procedures conducted by human doctors.

But apart from the diagnosis and treatment, veterinarians perform other duties that focus more on the preventive action side. One of the preventive actions they are performing is to educate the owners as well as the public about animal health. They believed that these preventive actions are very helpful in promoting the overall wellness of the animals. They are helping out owners in taking care of the animals by giving tips on how to effectively handle the proper care of animals. They are also giving advice to people on how to stop the spread of animal diseases or how to prevent diseases from being transferred to humans.

Seeking the advice and help from a veterinarian would be a great idea especially if you want to know the proper way to keep your animals healthy. They can give you tips on the right exercises for animals. Yes, animals need exercise as well and just like humans and these exercise routines should be done and executed the right way. Indeed, if exercise can promote good health for humans, the same effect will apply to animals. By doing so, you can save a lot of money from costly hospital expenses. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. The key to prevent many illnesses is to use preventive health techniques to keep your animals healthy at all times.

Job opportunities seem to be promising for the veterinary graduates. However, becoming a qualified veterinarian is not easy because there are only 28 accredited programs available. Based on the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment growth of 36% in this occupation is expected by the year 2020. With the increasing demand of animal health care and development of new research, pursuing a new career in the field of veterinary would be a great choice.

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