Vision Routines For Better Eyesight

Scientists are now finding – over the last 3 decades, that visual deterioration is in fact reversible by natural methods. To me it’s a complete mystry as to why people so easily give in to the false notion that they have to wear glasses for the rest of their lives, without ever learning about the benefits of performing eye exercises?

I genuinely believe that people are just simply unaware just how their eyes work and how quickly it can respond to a little bit of exercise. The muscles that control and shape the lens in the eye can be worked just like the bicep muscles in your arms. And a bit of daily exercise for a couple of weeks has been shown to completely fix over 45% of eye problems with a further 30% showing drastic improvement.

Considering that despite wearing glasses your vision continues to deteriorate over time, and that wearing eyeglasses is a hassle, looks terrible and that glasses can so easily be broken it stands to reason that taking the time to do some simple and easy eye exercises on a regular basis to improve your vision is a wise thing to do.

For those of you who have already been dependent on glasses for a number of years, then I have something encouraging to say to you too. It is totally possible to recover your eyesight by reestablish good visual habits through natural eye exercises. Whatever condition you have, your eyesight can most certainly at least be IMPROVED through visual training, if not completely cured. So rather than wearing thick telescopic glasses, you can settle with a thinner, more attractive and cost-effective pair. The exercises can even work on eyesight problems that have been caused by ageing.

Here’s a few important bits of information for you in your quest to improve your eyesight naturally:

Relaxing your eyes

Believe it or not, tension in the eye muscles is the culprit behind most cases of visual deterioration. One’s vision is highly dependent on the physiological status of the eye muscles. Good vision is produced when these muscles are relaxed and versatile, while poor vision results when they are under stress and become rigid in their movements. The muscles in your eyes are different to those in other parts of your body. When your eye muscles become strained, you don’t usually notice it as a pain in or around your eyes, you simply experience it with poor vision.

An example of an exercise you can use to take the strain away from your eyes is palming. Despite being an incredibly simple technique, palming is easily one of the most effective exercises for improving visual acuity over time. When this exercise is performed consistently for a few weeks the results are often very encouraging.

Below are some guidelines on how to perform the exercise:

With your arms raised in front of you, face your hands toward your face. Ensuring your hands only make slight contact with your eyelids or none at all, seal your cupped hands around your eyes, allowing no light to enter. Any strain in the body will cause strain in the eyes – this is a known fact – so make sure you are in a relaxed position. Once in this position, you are to focus on the blackness that you see with your eyes. The deeper blackness the more relaxed your eyes are becoming. You should try and concentrate on relaxing all the muscles in your eye – this will be hard to begin with but after a while you get used to it.

For more information on eye exercises, I highly recommend you read: Eye Health.

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