Ways An Ayurveda Test Can Balance Bodily And Emotional Health

An ayurveda test is structured to help one to find out one’s character and body type. Each body type is prone to its own weaknesses as well as cures. Whilst there are three doshas, or body types, they are able to form ten combinations that represent behavioral and health characteristics. When one’s precise type, or prakriti, is known, one can find out what how to enhance physical and mental health, and attain balance in relationships.

Diets for individual doshas vary, and people can benefit from a different eating plan that is unique to their constitution. The correct diet for one’s dosha will also enhance one’s energy. People with imbalances between their minds and bodies are believed to be more prone to disease.

Dosha tests are highly variable. There are some intricate, highly detailed questionnaires that focus only on physical symptoms. Less in depth tests ask about physical symptoms in only ten questions. There are also tests that take note of character and mental health. Others look at personality and physical symptoms simultaneously.

In Ayurvedic philosophy, each individual has their own balance of doshas. They will have a single dominant body type, and to achieve their best health, they need to balance the three doshas. This balance can be achieved by changing one’s lifestyle.

Vata doshas tend to be small framed, sensitive and imaginative. They feel most comfortable in tropical weather and their skins can become dry. To gain a balance, Vatas should omit stress from their lives. When Vatas feel they have control over their achievements, they remain healthy. When they lose control, they have a tendency to lose weight and their digestive systems become unhealthy.

Vata types enjoy change and experience racing thoughts that can sometimes bring extremely high energy levels. They need to keep themselves warm, because they are sensitive to the cold. Ayurvedic Indian head massage that uses heavy oils such as almond and sesame can be useful. When energetic, exercise routines should be light and focused on flexibility.

Pitta types have a medium build, uneven complexion and competitive personality. They have healthy appetites, and need to balance all five taste types evenly in every meal they eat. Pittas tend to struggle on low calorie diets, and cope better with a balance between grains, proteins, fruit and vegetables.

Pittas enjoy sweet and bitter foods, but don’t feel at their best when eating spicy meals. Peppers, chilies and salsas can make them feel too hot. It’s important that Pittas eat food that is freshly made. Their strong digestive systems allow them to eat raw meals that other body types struggle with, but this should only be done if it doesn’t cause constipation.

Pittas need to be restrained because their natures are intense. Their fiery personalities should be controlled by staying away from heat. They prefer cooler weather and need to avoid spicy foods that can raise temperatures. Intense conversations are not good for Pittas.

Kaphas need to be pacified because their bodily fluids can become imbalanced. Too much fluid can bring concentration problems and illness. Kaphas tend to become depressed easily, but at their best they are forgiving, calm and patient. An ayurveda test gives one a starting point so that health can be maximized.

You can check out the elements of the ayurveda test online to learn how to feel better. An Ayurvedic Indian head massage relieves stress and improves balance between the traits.

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