What Can Help To Decrease The Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Several years back, while our mother was still in her early twenties, mom was diagnosed with Hodgkins.Having that kind of cancer at that time, my mama surviving wasn’t expected. We were all stressed out on mama’s situation but mother herself. Mama wasn’t her usual. She simply kept her peace as developments were happening in her life. Mom took a trip to the city of Dallas in Texas to have her treatment in a renowned cancer treatment facility. Mama kissed me and my brother before mom left even if we got a chicken pox at that time. Before, radiation was the only procedure of treating cancer and mama had hers at the medical facility where mom resided. Though, the next thing that happened puzzled everybody. Mama saw spots on her entire body when she roused from bed one morning. Not even one medical practitioner from the eight who nursed her understood what the spots were. Subsequently mom remembered that we contracted the chickenpox, and mom had never had them. A medical procedure was made on her and results concluded that indeed it was chicken pox. It was quite hilarious that a chicken pox amazingly solved my mom’s cancer. It was even documented in the medical log. Therefore, our mother got home, we lived a fantastic life into adulthood.

Then some years later, our mom was detected with another type of cancer. I stayed with mama during this time to help her to and from the doctor and chemotherapy sessions. For several weeks, we got up at 4:30 a.m. to make the one and a half hour drive everyday to the city and back for the sessions. Mom would feel queasy following each chemotherapy session that she took. On our way back home, mama would lie down on the back seat of the car as this slightly relieved her of the discomfort. The popsicle was the only thing sometimes that seemed inviting to her taste buds or made her feel comfortable.

She experienced a lot of problems with mouth ulcers. Mom suffered stinging aches similar to an ulcer, in her mouth and this often was brought about from radiation or chemotherapy. That type of condition may prolong for nearly two months if radiation was behind it. There is an hurting feeling, along with infections, and inability of eating and breathing normally. The infection in the mouth can be a yeast infection, called thrush, which sometimes accompanies mucositis.

Treatment of mucositis is as is even if it is set off by radiation or chemotherapy. Clean the teeth and the mouth in every four-hour interval, more frequently if necessary. Use a soft bristle toothbrush and change it frequently, use a water-soluble lubricating jelly to wet the mouth. If there is already the existence of infection, an oncology mouth rinse can be better. The treatments lessens the strength of the defense system so it is simply susceptible to infections. The hydrogen peroxide in this particular mouth rinse is the solution to this infection problem. Just be sure the rinse does not include alcohol. If simply this thing was in the market years ago, when mama took her chemotherapy sessions. The discomfort that mama had to go through every day and every night would have eased.

There are a number of wonderful complimentary treatments that can aid through radiation and chemotherapy sessions to minimize queasiness, exhaustion and the various negative consequences. Talk with your medical practitioner as regards to including good nourishing supplements and options to help reduce treatment effects. Buy yourself an oncology mouth rinse if mucositis is present in that way, the hurt is minimized and the infection is thwarted.

To prevent mouth infections caused by radiation of chemotherapy use antiseptic mouth rinse to help fight diseases like mucositis. At Safe Home there are lots of personal care products to choose from.

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