What Is Obstetrics

The word obstetrics descends from the Latin word “obstare” meaning “to stand by”. Obstetrics is the medical field in which concentrates solely on the health of female reproductive parts during prenatal and postnatal periods as well as during childbirth.

Obstetrics and gynecology go together. This means that many obstetricians are as well gynecologists and will perform activities in both specialties.

So, being as it has been mentioned, we need to discuss what gynecology stands for. This is the medical specialty that deals directly with the reproductive health in female patients. If you were to take this word out of its medical meaning, it would literally stand for the science of females. Gynecologists handle all practices dealing with the uterus, vagina, and ovaries.

You should be aware of the fact that these fields are not stand alone fields. There are many different types of sub-specialties that lie within each such as maternal-fetal care and reproductive endocrinology.

The sub-specialty of maternal-fetal care is the one that deals with high risk pregnant women. These women may have other health problems that could interfere and cause difficulties during pregnancies.

Reproductive endocrinology is the field that pertains to reproductive system hormonal problems.

Most of these types of specialists are both gynecologists and obstetricians.

In many rural areas women’s healthcare services are known to be offered by some of the local general practitioners. These would lack specific training in some areas, but can still offer basic needed services for their clients.

No female should feel the need to doubt their obstetrician or gynecologist’s knowledge nor commitment. They proved their commitment by going through so much school and training. Just to be and obstetrician or gynecologist, a person must attend four full years of medical school following up on that with a residency. Then they must do another residency if they wish to go into a sub-specialty field. That is why they can be trusted in their knowledge and commitment. To be that committed, one must really enjoy helping women bring new life into this world and love their job as well as the benefits.

All of the information in this page was obtained by a local obstetrician.

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