What Is The Difference Concerning Alzheimer’s And Dementia?

“What’s the distinction between dementia and Alzheimer’s?” It’s a widespread question, and docs are a few of the greatest at complicated us. Physicians appear to prefer the phrase “dementia,” possibly as a result of Alzheimer’s has grow to be such a loaded word. “Dementia” somehow sounds less scary to many people, and now even the consultants have began using the words interchangeably.

They don’t seem to be interchangeable. Alzheimer’s Illness and dementia are two very completely different things.

Dementia is a symptom. Pain is a symptom, and many different accidents and sicknesses could cause pain. Once you go to the physician since you hurt, you won’t be glad if the doctor diagnoses “pain” and sends you home. You need to know what’s inflicting the ache, and find out how to treat it.

“Dementia” simply means the symptom of a deterioration of intellectual skills ensuing from an unspecified illness or disorder of the brain.

Alzheimer’s Illness is one illness/dysfunction that causes dementia. Many different sicknesses or “syndromes” may cause dementia. Parkinson’s Disease could cause dementia. A stroke can cause dementia. Even dehydration can cause dementia.

Lots of the things that may cause dementia are treatable, even probably curable.

If you have taken your elder to the physician and obtained a prognosis of “dementia” you haven’t obtained a diagnosis at all. Except you know what is causing the dementia you’ll be able to’t start to deal with it’s root cause.

If your physician has identified “dementia” it is time for a second opinion. You are probably dealing both with a doctor who just isn’t snug with the truth, or one who would not know the way (or would not wish to trouble) to distinguish between all of the doable causes of dementia. Either approach, a talented geriatrician or a neurologist who is comfy with seniors could be a superb place to start.

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