What Is The Right Treatment For Dry Scalp?

Dry Scalp is a skin disorder where it is characterized by a flaky and frequent irritated skin. Because infected skin is layered by hair, the individual would not easily discover the dry scalp. Numerous medical experts agree that the treatments can be challenging but most of its underlying causes are avoidable. The fundamental cause associated with dry scalp is the decrease in the skin oils necessary for the hair and the scalp surface. The paragraphs below are the main factors behind dry scalp.

In the cold months when the weather is dry, scalp also becomes dry. Typically the skin cell reproduces the natural oil to maintain the scalp moist all through the day. This really is not the case once the level of humidity drops. The skin loses moisture during the period more than its restoration speed.

At times contact with intense air and heating conditioning can cause the scalp in becoming dry. Heating and air conditioning usually leads to skin irritation and also it can actually worsen the condition. Typically, such an individual will feel a desire to scrub the dry area which will ultimately cause external damage creating a chance of infections.

People in general often take hot shower instead of cool water that is a health risk in the case of dry scalp. Every time the skin layer is open to heat, break down the necessary fatty acids occurs and consequently resulting in the dryness of skin. Continuing to bath and shower in hot water may aggravate the skin surface and subsequently make it not easy to heal the drying scalp.

One additional factor contributing to the dryness could be using a cheap hair shampoo. Many of drugstore shampoos include detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate that may cause the skin to react adversely. A lot of health researchers have advised to use shampoos produced with pure active ingredients like shea butter, tea tree oil or urea for dry skin. These ingredients reduce the skin from breaking out and itching. If used regularly, the scalp is going to be hydrated and itchiness will vanish as well.

Among the natural treatment options are head massage. Inadequate blood circulation might be the real cause of the problem. Massaging could improve the normal skin regrowth which will give the moisture and oil the scalp requires. An additional option would be to take vitamin B regularly. Scientific tests indicate lack of vitamin B may well be a reason for scalp and skin problems. If the condition continues even after trying the suggestions, then it is time to talk to a physician.

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