What To Do About apical periodontitis?

by Petra

You go to the dentist and the dentist said “No more monkeys jumping on the bed. And you have the first signs of apical periodontitis. Have a nice day!” Your mouth is fully open in surprise now and lack of recognition of the term used is not helpful. It must be some disease, but what happens with it and how do you treat it?

Apical periodontitis as your dentist explains is an advanced form of gum disease where the bacteria basically go beyond just inflaming tissue to all out war. It attacks the gums first, gains strength and starts to work on ligaments and bones. The ultimate goal of the disease is to eliminate all structures in the mouth that attach your teeth to the jaw. Basically the result is loss of your teeth.

Your concern grows as you hear the word apical periodontitis again and associated with the word disease and bad. You feel compelled to ask a question and worst luck the dentist answers. He explains that the disease can ultimately cause major damage to your gums and loss of your teeth. Yikes! Now he has your complete attention and panic starts to set up in your body.

Another question about apical periodontitis comes out of your mouth and this time it wonders about miracle cures from modern dentistry. The dentist frowns a little and says there is not a magic pill to cure this disease, but several treatments can be effective most of the time. Not the perfect answer for your addled brain, but it does calm you somewhat and give you some hope.

Apical periodontitis can be treated in the early stages with simply trying to power wash out the offending bacteria with a special antiseptic solution or just pure water. The power of the stream will clean out most of the current bacteria and follow-up treatments with anti-bacterial rinses can make the progress permanent.

If you don’t choose the water treatment route, there are other cleaning methods that have proven effective for most patients with apical periodontitis. One uses the technology of ultrasound vibrations to shake up the bacteria and promote your natural systems effective response to the disease invasion. The tissue structures around the tooth and gum are strengthened to at least slow any tissue damage.

You notice an advertisement for a super mouthwash specifically designed to fight the disease apical periodontitis. Now you are a near expert on that name and quickly decide to try this product out. It arrives and you start washing and rinsing as directed to again kill those nasty bacteria that like your mouth as a home. The results are again not great but there does seem to be a reduction in the areas.

Another medical aid to these super cleaning methods is using enzymes in the fight against the apical periodontitis bacteria. It may be a little counterintuitive, but it is desirable to suppress some of the body defenses to prevent tissue damage and allow the other efforts to eliminate the bacteria. This is still a fairly new treatment supplement with research being conducted now.

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