What To Look For When Buying Different Specialty Shampoos

There are many different types of shampoos that can be used for a variety of specific conditions. Some of the most common types of shampoo are shampoos for greasy hair, shampoos to help with hair regrowth, shampoos designed to add volume to hair, and shampoos that can revitalize broken or damaged hair. Most people see these different kinds of shampoo as having added features that won’t do anything to assist these specific conditions. In actuality if you match the shampoo with the condition you can experience incredible results.

Shampoo for greasy hair usually come in two forms. Clear shampoos that are designed for adults, and shampoos for babies. The shampoos for adults usually have a clear base so that you don’t build up extra thickness or residue at the hair follicle. The second type of shampoo is shampoo that is used for babies. These types of shampoos usually are easier around the scalp and can clear the hair out. One nice benefit of the baby shampoos is they are in fact cheaper than the adult shampoos which are designed for oily hair.

Another condition that can be treated or assisted with shampoo is slow growth of hair. There are lots of formulas that are made to aid in making your hair grow faster. These shampoos work by clearing out buildup around the follicle of the hair, or adding nutrients that the hair does not have. Some of the main chemicals that are used in these types of shampoos are keratin, biotin, collagen, and vitamin B5. Some of the shampoos even have amino acids and caffeine. These substances are added to the hair in hopes of creating the correct conditions to promote new hair growth. These shampoos are becoming increasingly common and actually are available relatively cheaply.

Volumizing shampoo is another common kind of shampoo that can be found at nearly every store. Almost every company has at least one of these kinds of shampoos. More so than in any other type of shampoo volumizing shampoo needs to be experimented with. The best thing you can do to expedite this process is to use travel sized shampoos. You can buy 3-4 types of shampoo for the same price as one bottle of shampoo. This will allow you to throw the shampoo or discontinue use without suffering too great a financial loss. This is important. Due to the relatively large number of companies that have volumizing shampoos trial and error is particularly important.

Revitalizing shampoos are another kind of shampoo that are very similar to shampoos used for hair growth. These shampoos are usually fortified with many different nutrients as a way to help in the repair and build-up of the hair. In general hair growth, revitalizing and volumizing shampoo are very similar. They all add different nutrients to the strands of hair that are broken or cracked, and add nutrients to the follicles. The biggest differences between these 3 types of shampoo are what chemicals are used to fortify the shampoo. Revitalizing shampoos generally add protein and vitamins to the hair. The two most common are collagen and vitamin B5. Volumizing shampoos add those ingredients as well as a thickening agent. Hair growth shampoos have vitamins, minerals, proteins as well as some less stereotypical ingredients including caffeine and taurine. If you want all of the advantages of all three types of shampoos you may take hair regrowth shampoo along with a volumizing conditioner.

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