What You Should Know About Penis Enlargement

There are countless men who worry about their size. Many men may not actually admit it, but size can be an issue. Being inadequate can be embarrassing and a feeling of being less than average. There are some simple yet effective tips on how to make your penis look and feel bigger. The techniques do not require pills or surgery and the main thing is its safe.

Penis Pills and Pumps? If you are thinking that taking pills or using pumps will suddenly increase the size of your penis, you are just wasting money. None of these products work. Most of them just increase the size of the penis temporarily and enhance the libido, but don’t expect any permanent gains. However, there are certain pumps that have helped men grow in size over a longer period of use. For example, the Bathmate water based hydro pump has been known to increase girth and length gains.

Are You Still Smoking? If you are, you may want to consider stopping. Smoking is directly linked to the health of your male member and causes erectile dysfunction. Smoking disrupts the level of blood in the penis which can lead to impotence. Isn’t it time you put that cigarette down?

Weight Loss Can Help If you want to naturally do something to make your penis appear bigger, start losing weight. Weight loss helps blood flow to the penis, makes your male member proportionate to other parts of your body and enhances your libido. Just because you are carrying excess weight, does not mean your penis is necessarily small, but for optimum size and healthy erections, lose weight.

How Can Diet Help? If you cut down on high fatty foods that increase body fat levels, this is always helpful. There are certain foods that can help increase the appearance of the penis and maintain the body’s overall testosterone levels. Foods such as oysters, almonds, eggs, juicy fruits, basil, bananas, avocados and garlic are all linked with libido levels.

Alcohol and Smoking. If you are thinking about cutting down on alcohol and quitting smoking your penis health is going to improve. Smoking causes erectile dysfunction and impotence, so the size of your penis should be your least of worries. Heavy alcohol consumption means you will tend to have more body fat therefore your penis will be hidden underneath a heavy pot belly. Time to change your habits?

Does the bathmate really work. Can it really increase help increase size naturally? Find out more.

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