Where Should You Obtain The Most Reliable Health And Medical Info?

I have been using TheMedCircle to acquire the newest medical info for the past four months. There are numerous different medical sites providing health info and responds to common medical inquiries. The numbers of similar webpages are increasing practically on daily basis. Yet, trusting and acting upon the information delivered by these websites can be an overwhelming and puzzling task.

Numerous contributors to health and medical sites are writers who are not truly skilled and/or trained in medical fields, and/or, they follow a particular agenda to advertise for a product or service. I am not refuting that there are also some decent sites out there but I have found it to be very uncommon.

TheMedCircle was created by Dr. Daneschvar who is board certified in internal medicine and clinical lipidology with extensive medical training in Europe and United States. He has substantial experience in disease prevention and cholesterol management. He is also a fellow of the American College of Physicians and medical director of the Heart Disease Prevention and Lipid Center in New Hampshire. He initiated TheMedCircle due to his dissatisfaction with the existing way of information delivery to patients and users. He has said that being a patient in our present time is both exciting and very cumbersome. It is exciting because of the multitude of sources of information and cumbersome because the offered information is not always reliable and built on the up-to-date medical facts.

One of the utmost useful sections on TheMedCircle website is its Question and Answer category. You can send any of your questions to this site and based on importance and community interest this query will be answered in detail by one of the authorities in that field. You also can find additional literature at the end of the article. I found this piece to be very helpful if you are interested in learning the source of a specific information or claim.

Medication reviews at TheMedCircle is a feature that I love. If you are on a medication and you want to have more detailed information containing pros and cons of the specific medication then TheMedCircle is the place to go. I am not aware of any other site where you can get an impartial assessment of the benefits and risks of any medication reviewed by a skilled professionals. The number of reviews is still restricted and I wished there would be more of them, but I like the latest reviews on simvastatin (Zocor) and clopidogrel (plavix).

You can read outstanding opinion posts written by patients and physicians regarding health and medical care on TheMedCircle. I found this feature to be very helpful and definitely with our deeply troubled health care system, the necessity of having more discussions is really important.

You can find links to updated and most recent news through TheMedCircle without needing to search for them yourself. They review numerous trustworthy news and medical websites for the latest health care and medical information and place the links on TheMedCircle. This feature makes it easier for the readers to be up-to-date without needing to waste time.

Start using TheMedCircle and ask your friends and family members to do so too. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook. I am glad to see a website like TheMedCircle out there. Thank God.

I definitely know the significance of honest and dependable medical information, if you are considerate about your health, I really endorse this website. Go To http://themedcircle.com/

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