Who Dr. Mark Breiner, DDS Is

Mark A. Breiner, a dental specialist who graduated from Temple, started his dental practice in 1971. After graduating, he joined the US military as an officer. He was appointed the chief of dental prosthesis there. Dr. Mark Breiner started his own private practice in Fairfield, Connecticut in 1973 after resigning from the Army.

He is also one of the first healthcare professionals to treat TMJ patients in Connecticut back in the 70s. While his patients who were treated for TMJ were cured, other unrelated complaints also began to disappear. This instance led Dr. Breiner to understand that dental treatment was one of the links to treating illnesses of the whole human body. Therefore, he decided to explore it a bit more because it was worth looking into.

He had done extensive research for around 25 years, until he decided that he had enough evidence to support his findings and published his first book about them called Whole Body Dentistry. The book explains how dentistry can be utilized as a link to treating several other illnesses as well. Even though he did not expect it to sell heavily, over thirty thousand copies sold up to now.

The doctor is a member and also a fellow of many highly recognized communities. He also holds a charter membership, is a board member and is a fellow of an international academy as well. Some institutions even consider it an honor to have him as a member of theirs.

He was also appointed the president of the International Oral Medicine & Toxicology Academy in 2003/2004. Backed with a Masters from Bridgeport, not only is he an author but also a very fluent speaker as well. Many people including professionals have attended his lectures and found them to be very useful when it came to their fields.

Being well seasoned in what he does, he is one of the most sought after individuals in the field of dentistry by the media because he speaks about the issues and circumstances of how dentistry can affect the entire body. He has attended many radio shows, regional and nationwide, like the Gary Null Radio show, the Atkins Radio Show, Wisdom network, Aware Show, etc. Many television channels in Chicago such as WMAQ TV and WLS TV, and national channels like FOX and RNN have also featured him live.

He now carries on with his private practice in Trumbull, Connecticut. He likes to keep his practice Mercury free and has been doing so for the past 25 years. As he is a very fluent author and speaker, he is invited a lot to address audiences regarding homeopathy, creating and managing good Holistic Practices, Whole Body Dentistry, nutritional dentistry, and other topics to suite the audience present at the occasion.

If you too are interested in inviting Dr. Mark Breiner to a function you organize, you could contact him through his personal email address or through his official website. You could also attend one of his ongoing seminars by getting to know when and where they are held. The frequently attended events by him are ones held at Panel discussions, Government agencies, Universities and similar academic institutions, and corporate workshops.

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